Tony Folly eCommerce Masterclass Review

There is no shortage of online courses when it comes to e-commerce. It’s almost like any e-commerce person who has a decent following on social media can start their own online course. They’re providing a service that they probably wished to have when they were starting out. But there are just so many of them that it’s really hard to keep track. Depending on who the creator of the course is, the focus of their online course will vary. But from what I have seen, most of them offer online courses that’s focused on dropshipping.

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There isn’t really any recent information that I can find about Tony Folly online. It seems like he hasn’t really been active on most of his social media accounts. He posted a video on his YouTube from two months ago—as of the writing of this article—where he talks about investing a $100,000 in Ethereum, a cryptocurrency, during the big crypto crash that happened during that time. But looking at his YouTube channel, he hasn’t really posted a lot of videos on it. He posted a total of 20 videos within three years of starting this account. Fourteen of which are Shorts. On Instagram, his last post was on September 2020. And the account that he also mentions in his bio (ecommerce_mentor) doesn’t have any posts in it.

So without any kind of active social media presence, it doesn’t seem like Tony is continuing his e-commerce masterclass through his brand eCommerce Academy. If you go to either the .com or the .org domains for the brand, it seems like he hasn’t really touched it in a while. The one using the .org domain has a persistent banner prompt from Click Funnels that you can’t dismiss. The one using the .com domain just shows an error message of sorts from Shopify.

So without any way to actually go through either websites, I am just going to make my assumptions about the course. The e-commerce masterclass that Tony used to provide doesn’t seem to focus on a specific method of running it. Most of the online courses that I have reviewed have mainly focused on dropshipping aside from the basics of running an e-commerce shop on a platform like Shopify. I guess Tony’s masterclass is pretty just the e-commerce setup of it all.

Based on what I can see in the .org domain, the cost for the initial version of the masterclass is either a monthly fee worth $7 or a one-time worth $49.95. As with a lot of other e-commerce courses, there are screenshots of the sales that the students have gotten thanks to the content of the course. The price doesn’t seem to be too expensive. It’s actually cheaper than some the e-commerce courses I have seen. It’s a nine-part course that includes video lessons and even PDF versions of it. The content based on what I could find seem pretty standard information you can get elsewhere.

Since the course is no longer being offered, you can easily avoid it. Though I have seen a lot of different websites selling copies of the course for around the same price it costs on the official course website. But the websites seem kind of sketchy. So I don’t really trust that the payment process will be legitimate. Though most of the topics discussed in the course can easily be searched for on Google or YouTube. Even Shopify provides some kind of resource on how to start an e-commerce business.

In my opinion, most of the e-commerce courses provided by people like Tony Folly aren’t really that worth it. Some of the ones who have their own courses also post videos about the same topics discussed in their courses. So you’re probably better off watching those videos since they’re on an accessible platform. But it does take a bit of knowledge to start your own e-commerce business. You have to set up a lot of things including your shop, delivery partners and suppliers.

E-commerce, or any business venture for that matter, does take a lot of time and money to be profitable. You really have to wait it out to see the profits come in. You will probably breakeven at some point. But if you’re really determined, you can find success in it.

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