Food Blogger Pro Review (Lindsay & Bjork Ostrom)

Lindsay & Bjork Ostrom

Lindsay & Bjork Ostrom are the lovey doveys behind Food Blogger Pro. As the name suggests, Food Blogger Pro is a course that can help you start, grow, and monetize your very own food blog. Goal is to have a similar blog like the couple’s Pinch of Yum blog that enables them to earn a full time income just by sharing Lindsay’s love of making food. Let’s just say it’s her and Bjork’s, ahem, recipe to a successful business. Theirs, but how about yours? My thoughts below.

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If it wasn’t obvious for y’all, Pinch Of Yum is a food blog with lots of recipes curated by Lindsay herself. Selection of what to feature is based on her palate. Essentially, if she doesn’t eat it in real life, it’s not going to be posted on the blog. That’s her claim, at least.

She explains, “My goal is to inspire you with food that is both approachable AND exciting, whether you’re cooking for yourself, your family, your roommates, or your friends.” And I can get behind such because I know some of y’all who love pigging out while having ZERO interest in putting on the chef’s hat.

While the majority of their content is about food, the couple also uses it to share personal stories about their travel, their household renovation projects, their pets, and even the loss of their child. It’s not only an online cookbook, but also a sneak peek into the couple’s lives.

In terms of work allocation between the two, Lindsay is the one who formulates the recipes aka the main voice/author of the blog, while Bjork is more of a tech consultant, a business advisor, and most importantly, a taste tester. Dude must be eating good food as he’s the one who caught the idea of documenting their blog journey. Eventually, it led to the creation of Food Blogger Pro.

Food Blogger Pro is based on tips and tricks that Lindsay and Bjork did to make their blog a commercial hit. How it goes from a hobby pursuit to a full-blown biz. In their own words, they “help creative foodies (like you!) take the guesswork out of building a food blog that allows you to share your passion and earn money doing what you love.”

The core offer of Food Blogger Pro is their extensive course library. With over 350 videos, the said course library includes tutorials on setting up your blog in WordPress, optimizing SEO, boosting traffic, and using ads to grow your audience.

Besides the course library, signing up for Food Blogger Pro would give you access to monthly live Q & A calls, monthly live coaching calls with Bjork, active support from blogging experts, discounts on their recommended blogging tools, and a private community forum full of aspiring bloggers.

With that said, the cost of Food Blogger Pro membership— and yes, it’s a subscription— is $350 a year or $99 every three months. You can cancel anytime, although you’ll only get your money back if you cancel within the first two months of your membership. Enough of ’em figures and refund policies, though. Should you even consider signing up in the first place?

My answer depends on your goals. If you’re a foodie that’s aspiring to launch a blog as a passion project rather than a business venture, then a membership might be for you. It’s worth the price for the convenience of having all the useful info in one place. Less thinking, more sharing cooking tips through blogging.

Food Blogger Pro Review

Otherwise, I won’t really recommend the course, especially if you’re aiming to replace your full-time income with it. Sure, the Ostrom’s made a winner out of theirs, but it doesn’t mean they can help you replicate the said success with their course. Sad to say, it’s not the 2010s [the year Pinch Of Yum was launched] anymore.

The point is, consumption habits have changed dramatically. Instead of reading blogs, most consume content through Twitter, YouTube, and similar social media apps. Most have short attention spans too, and can’t be bothered to read beyond a paragraph or two. On top of that, there’s more competition than ever. In the current climate, it’s just harder to build a following out of blogs.

That’s why it’s hard to get an income out of blogging, let alone a consistent one. If making money is your sole goal here, I’ll say forget about starting a food blog and choose a more viable business model instead. It’s not a knock on Food Blogger Pro and the Ostrom’s, this is just me, a blogger slash reviewer of courses, aligning your expectations with the realistic outcome.

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