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There are so many different people who have written self-help books over the years. Some I’m acutely aware of, while others are often a surprise. I haven’t really read a lot of self-help books in my lifetime. While there may be something I can get from reading those books, I often gear more towards fiction. One of the things that make self-help book authors, or motivational speakers to a degree, successful is that they know how to sell themselves to an audience. Marie Forleo, having studied business in college, she knows exactly how to do that.

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Often times when I am researching about the subject for this articles, I always have a hard time finding out about their personal lives. The biographies that they post on their official websites help a bit but you can kind of tell that the story they’re telling is exactly what they want to sell. Some biographies do show some hardships along the way, but it is often written in a way that makes it compelling to the reader. I think that’s one of the first things that will help you be successful. When you create the persona that you want people to see you as.

What you only really need to know about Marie Forleo’s beginnings is that she was born in New Jersey. She graduated valedictorian at Seton Hall University with a degree in business finance. She went on to work on the floor at the New York Stock Exchange. Then she worked for a few magazines, did some odd jobs here and there, including bartending. It was when she was 23 years old that she decided to become a life coach.

Marie’s coaching business is what put her in the map. By putting a lot of her personality in the courses that she teaches, people are enamored and willing to listen to her advice. That strategy paid off and she began expanding her business and her brand. She launched a YouTube channel where she started to post small motivational videos then shifted to longer-form videos with a lot of different personalities. With such a big following, it lead to her getting a book deal which eventually became a #1 New York Times bestseller. She even got the attention of the Oprah Winfrey.

The main thing that contributes her multi-million dollar net worth are her courses. The one people may know is the B-School. It is basically a 6-week course where Marie will teach you how to earn more money for your business by finding what works, developing offers to will entice your customers, building an online storefront so that you can reach a wider audience, and getting people to actually buy products from that storefront. The website boasts that this course has helped more than sixty thousand business-owners find success. There’s also a course that helps you write better copy.

Because a lot more people buy more stuff on the internet, the courses that Marie Forleo provides make a lot sense. It’s actually difficult to create an online storefront while also maintaining a brick and mortar location. There are a lot risks and challenges involved when creating a website for your business. I do have to wonder if paying more than $2000 for the course is worth all the trouble. At least you can pay for it monthly?

It’s so weird thinking at how much confidence you need in order to sell yourself and your business. You are basically the face of your business. A lot of the success that Marie has achieved can be attributed to the brand that she has made for herself. People from around the world have found something in her that other people might not. It sometimes a detriment whenever you sell this image of you to other people. Because if something bad happens, it will affect the brand that you made for yourself.

While I don’t tend to be fans of these types of people, I can respect all the hard work and effort they made in order to be where they are. It takes a long time to find success in this world. And I’m glad that there are people who managed to find it while being true to themselves.

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