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The VA Foundry Members Club Reviews

The VA Foundry Members Club (Sam & Jo)

The VA Foundry Members Club’s creators Sam Browne and Jo Jensen always have their gummy smile everywhere. Even on a post that mentioned how they messed up as VAs back in the day, they’re still smiling ear to ear. The post claims that the duo made all that mistakes, so you don’t have to. “Imagine skipping all the rookie errors and skipping straight to the part where you’re running a thriving, successful VA business!”

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How about skipping becoming a VA and making it a biz altogether? How about that?! Half-joking aside, let’s check out what these two ladies has in store for us. Specifically, what’s with their VA Foundry Members Club program and what does it offer for individuals looking to make money online.

First of all, the only offer that’s currently up in their website is not the Members Club, but rather the VA Foundry’s Scale it! Mastermind with Sam and Jo. While these two offers have the same payment structure and analogous inclusions, they’re still not completely identical.

Let’s just say that the Scale it! Mastermind is the newer, more feature-packed version of the Members Club. Although, as expected, the “improved” version cost more than its predecessor. Gotta account for the inflation, I guess.

Anyways, here’s how Sam and Jo describes the then VA Foundry’s Members Club. According to them, the Members Club has everything you need to ditch the overwhelm, eliminate the stress, and be laser-focused on building and growing your thriving VA biz. They also added, “It makes sense to learn from those in the business who are already successful.”

Learn from someone who’s been there, done that— that’s their thang. And how you’ll learn from them are through video lessons and coaching calls. Besides the training, they’ll also share their DFY templates and email scripts, and give you access to an exclusive community group of VAs.

Then VA Foundry’s Members Club has a price of $97 a month. The newer iteration a year later in Scale it! Mastermind with Sam and Jo— with additional emphasis to weekly intention setting/accountability check-ins, and monthly themes with guest experts, challenges, and book club— would now cost you around $154 instead.

I’m not a fan of subscriptions, or at least, courses without the option to get lifetime access. But like I’ve said before, this might be beneficial for those who can breeze through training in a quick fashion. Y’know, those who can absorb info like a sponge, and already know what they’re after.

But then, I’m not a fan of a VA biz either. Especially if it means becoming a VA yourself. Too many overseas VAs to compete with if all you can do is “simple” admin work. Build a specific expertise in a particular niche [finance, real estate, etc.] and you’ll still have a hard time in getting a good compensation. It’s because a person with similar expertise somewhere in Asia is fine charging less.

Clients looking for overseas VAs means less opportunity for VAs based on US. And even if there’s one, a lucrative contract would not be the norm ’cause, again, lots are fine with piss poor pay. That’s just how the cookie crumbles, nothing you can really do about it.

The VA Foundry Members Club Reviews

If you’re still determined to pursue this biz, then enrolling in a non-niche VA course such as The VA Foundry Members Club, while might be helpful, is not really required.  Like, don’t get me wrong, I have no ill words towards Sam and Jo as mentors. Their students seems to have nothing bad to say to them either. 

All I see online are praises about how fun, friendly, and great teachers they are. A previous student of them mentions, “They laid to rest a lot of my fears about how much I had to know/didn’t have to know, and helped me to focus on what was important.”

But as experienced VAs suggest, you could just start by yourself. Lots of free resources out there online, you just have to be a bit resourceful. These courses usually means nothing on your résumé anyways, so why bother? Convenience over saving up buncha cash, your choice.

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