Mindset Made Simple Review (Michael Fox)

Michael Fox

Michael Fox calls himself as a leading belief transformation coach who helps aspiring entrepreneurs transform themselves and their businesses. That’s what he says about him, alright. But if you’ll ask me, he’s more of a leading candidate for Mark Zuckerberg’s long-lost brother. But instead of making a platform that’s becoming a boomer’s sh*thole as time went by, Michael created Mindset Made Simple. Is it any better? Find out below.

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Spoiler alert, I don’t think it’s any better. Anyhow, Michael describes Mindset Made Simple as the “world’s leading belief transformation company.” Of course, a “leading belief transformation coach” is going to create such a company. Where he got that ranking where he and his company is leading, I’m too afraid to ask. Betcha it’s just outta his ass.

And to add to “things I expect from a mind conditioning program”, dude mentions limiting beliefs and how it holds us back. And as expected from a transformation coach, he’ll “transform” such beliefs into something better, so we can get the business and results we want and deserve. Right.

Michael offers three courses under Mindset Made Simple. The first one, named after the company itself, is what they deemed as the foundation of understanding how to get your mind working for you rather than against you. Because if there’s anything in this world worth knowing, it’s your own mind.

While I’m personally interested in unraveling how my rather fuzzy mind works, I’m just tired of life coaches who kept parroting the same ‘ol pseudoscience BS. Limiting beliefs this, NLP that. Kinda dangerous for someone who actually needs legit professional help, but instead enroll in this.  I assure you, more likely than not, you can’t fix mental struggles with words and vibes alone.

Regardless, the course contains three pre-recorded videos that are titled as follows: Understanding Your Mind’s Power, Clear Vision of Goals, and Your Own Personal Start Line Ritual. The cost of Mindset Made Simple’s first course is a one-time payment of $89.

Meanwhile, course number two in Mastering Your Mindset is about boosting your confidence by enhancing your ability to visualize, teaching you how to access your mind’s “deeper operating system”, yada yada. Buzzwords after buzzwords. For lack of a better term, it’s like word vomit spilled it all over the Mastering Your Mindset’s sales page.

Similar to the first course, Mastering Your Mindset has three pre-recorded videos. They are titled as follows: The Power of Visualization, Opening the Door to Your Deeper Mind’s Operating System, and Heightened Awareness to Master Your Mindset. Price is $139.

Lastly, the third course, The Edge of the Elite Program, is described as something you’ll take to achieve consistent peak performance no matter the circumstance. Instead of only three, this offer has five pre-recorded videos. They are as follows: How Legends Create Possibility, Steady in Adversity, Adaptability is the Stress Reducer, Mediocracy [it’s not a typo for mediocrity BTW] to Excellence, and Acclimate to a New Edge.

The third course is the worst out of the bunch IMHO because of the bold claims it has no business saying. Like decreasing anxiety and depression, decreasing “cellular level inflammation”, and managing pain. Prescription meds and Advil shaking their heads right now as we speak.

Mindset Made Simple Review

But seriously, as I’ve said before, this imposes danger to someone who really needs legit professional help. With the bureaucracy in our [also flawed] health sector today, any delay in seeking proper medical treatment and diagnosis could be bad BAD. To me, mind conditioning programs pretending to be a substitute for such treatment is a crime. I said what I said.

Obviously, I wouldn’t recommend y’all to purchase The Edge of The Elite Program that cost $199. I wouldn’t recommend the first two Mindset Made Simple’s courses either. While it’s not my cuppa tea, I do understand that mind wanking is a thing for many. Sad to say, some peeps are indeed willing to pay handsomely to hear all ’em woo woo stuff.

The problem here in particular is, these courses of Michael are marketed differently. What makes this awful is how they pretend to be more than a mind wanking course. Like, stop the cap, dude. Stop being a possible distraction for others to get their mental health in check. And most importantly, stop taking advantage of desperate, likely troubled people. He prolly won’t care with my plea, though. I mean, dude looks like he’ll slap his own mum for a dollar, so y’all just better stay away from him and his courses. I’ve warned ya.

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