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FPA Workshop Reviews

FPA Workshop

Fiction Profit Academy (FPA) Workshop is Karla Marie’s course for self-publishing. By using Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), you’ll be able to put your ebooks up for sale on Amazon in no time. Not just simply selling but making bank out of it too as Karla claims that you can replicate her $20k a month income. Is it true that you can quit your 9-5 job and live a laptop lifestyle with this course? Read my FPA Workshop review below to find out.

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Short answer to the question above would be NO, I don’t think you’ll be able to live a laptop lifestyle with FPA. I’ve seen numbers that suggest selling mildly successful ebooks ranked 10k or less in Amazon (the closer to number one, the better) barely hit the $10k income for a year. I repeat, income for a YEAR. 

Obviously, the $20k a MONTH, which I think one of Karla’s many BS claims, is not doable at all. Not when you’re selling crappy ebooks, usually poorly written erotica packaged as romance or young adult fiction,that Karla encourages herself. Your ebooks here are more likely to end up in the “average” (or worse) category which makes nothing at all.

What degree of BS is the income claim of Karla, you might ask? It’s up there at the top, I might say. Can’t throw figures like that when you won’t reveal any of your best selling books as a “six-figure Kindle romance ebook publishing expert.” Quite frankly, I bet that most of her income is from selling FPA and other coaching, and not from publishing ebooks at all.

Besides the wild income claim, I don’t think a course that reminds me of another sh*tty program in Mikkelsen Twins’ Publishing Life will help you earn a single dime. First of all, both suggest the use of ghostwriters. That itself is not really bad until they encourage you to use their secret strats to get decent writers at ridiculously low rates. In Karla’s own words, “how to hire world-class writers at rates so low, you’ll be embarrassed to tell others.” About that, how about you just shut the f*ck off Karla? You say it yourself, no one should be loud and proud that they’re paying unfair wages. Sweatshop publishing at its finest.

Also, both lowkey dissed writing a book on your own and dismissed it as a waste of time. The disrespect to those who write out of passion. It’s not all about the mullahs,  but Karla would probably not understand that because she’s likely fueled by greed for money. Not only that, she seems disinterested in writing at all as her site is littered with testimonials of “poor writing.” Speaking of that…

Regarding testimonials, I believe that they’re just a work of fiction (aka fake). Worse, Karla seems to not give any damn about making the receipts believable at all. It won’t take a lot of effort to generate AI images but no, she chose to use Pinterest pictures and/or easy-to-search names that won’t be picking Karla’s course for sure. Peep the screenshots with names Mario Piconne and Lexi Hsu on it, I don’t see them taking this course as they are Bob Proctor’s consultant and Mindful Media PR’s managing director, respectively.

FPA Workshop Reviews

‘Nyway, here’s what you get if you still want to try FPA. 10 modules that are titled as follows: The Million Dollar Mindset, The Basics of Self-Publishing Books, How to Build Your Books, The Perfect Cover For Your Books, Blurbs and Formatting, All Things KDP, The Perfect Launch Strategy, Facebook Ads Mastery Course, Creating Raving Fans, and Scaling Your Business. The said modules plus access to a private Facebook group and weekly Tuesday calls cost a one time payment of $1,497 or three monthly payments of $789.

Of course, I wouldn’t recommend buying this pricey course. It’s  always a NO for me when a business model is difficult to pull off while also being exploitative  in nature. Unless you’re the devil himself, I’ll highly suggest that you should say no too. And Just like Kevin David before, never trust anyone like Karla Marie with two first names.

Besides, I don’t think I need to tell you off on this one once you watch her free training. It’s downright pushy like telling you to switch to PC because their webinar (that  is not actually live btw) is usually behaving weirdly on phones. As if that’s my problem and not theirs. The usual “stay until the end” request too, but she’s making it so damn hard to listen because of her “talking in circles” thing. Basically, “try not to leave the webinar in 10 minutes” challenge  is what it really is. 

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