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There are so many different writers who work in different across a different forms of media. A good writer wouldn’t write the same word in one sentence three times. But since I am not a good writer, you just have to deal with it. But even though I read books every so often, I haven’t really ran the gamut of all the authors that exists in genres that I have no particular interest in. It’s hard going into a genre of literature, even though fiction often has some kind of template that’s easy to follow. The main thing that’s a different one novel to another is how, to borrow something from cooking, they mix the same ingredients that other people use to turn in a whole new dish. Or a dish that you haven’t really tasted yet.

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One genre of fiction that I haven’t really had any experience in is Christian fiction. It doesn’t seem that this genre is particularly popular in my neck of the woods. Looking at the Wikipedia page for it, I was kind of surprised to find out that some very familiar titles and authors are name-dropped in the page. J.R.R. Tolkien?! C.S. Lewis? I am fully aware of these authors and their works. But I didn’t really know that their work falls under the umbrella of Christian fiction. I actually haven’t read either of their books so that’s a big reason why I’m so surprised by it.

Even though there are very popular and well-known authors who use Christian themes and theology in their books, I still haven’t really seen any other books in the Christian fiction genre. It’s definitely one of those blind spots that I have with regards to literature. So when I saw that there are some prolific authors writing in the genre, I was sort of intrigued by them. They definitely make works of fiction that appeals to a certain audience. Unfortunately, that audience might not include me. One of the more prolific authors in Christian fiction is Frank Peretti.

I always have fun reading a biography that talks about a certain person’s early life. There is often that one little moment in their life that leads them toward the path that they’re currently on. This is sort of common among the musicians and athletes that I have written about. Childhood is often a very pivotal part of a person’s life because that’s where we develop some of our interests. Whether it be music or sports or even storytelling, childhood just helps introduce us to a lot experiences.

In the case of Frank Peretti, he grew telling stories to kids in his neighborhood when he was growing up in Seattle, Washington. It took a bit of detour when he played banjo in a bluegrass band after graduating high school. He studied English, screenwriting and film and UCLA. Honestly, that’s a good school to study screenwriting and film. Because, you know, it’s sort of close to Hollywood. After that, he also helped his father out when he was pastoring for a local church. Then he got a job in construction. An unusual set of job experience.

Somehow, Frank also worked at a ski factory. During that time, he wrote and published a story for kids called “The Door in the Dragon’s Throat.” A year after that, he published “This Present Darkness.” It didn’t really do well initially. But because of word of mouth, a lot more people got interested and bought the book. Word of mouth is often a reliable way of marketing. If people enjoy the work that you’re doing, they’ll definitely tell people about it. Especially if that person has an interest for that kind of stuff.

You wouldn’t be surprised to know the follow-up to his best-selling book also did really well. It’s always amazing to see any kind of artist to do better than their previous works. It’s hard to surpass yourself even you have the capacity to do so. It seems that he has written a lot of other works of fiction including one that builds from “The Door in the Dragon’s Throat.” He continued to write novels and even his own memoir. The most recent title of his is the 2012 novel “Illusion.” At that point, Frank Peretti had earned a net worth of $2,500,000.

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