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Frank Robinson Net Worth

Because a lot of different sports have existed for decades, it’s no surprise that they have managed to have such a long list of players who’ve been part of the game. As somebody who doesn’t really keep track of sports all that often, it’s always a fun experience learning about some of the people who have played the game professionally. I don’t think I’ve gotten to the point of having reviewed every single player in every single team of every single sport. I don’t want to burden myself with all that pressure. But I do enjoy writing about a bunch of them.

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As much as I have written about certain baseball players like Casey Blake, I still haven’t really gotten the grasp of what baseball is. You have to know a lot of terminology in sports in order to understand what’s going on. There are commentaries that help the viewers understand what is happening on their screens. Even then, they have to learn what those words mean. You do have to be good at knowing stuff about a sport in order to be able to talk about it.

But as I have been researching about former baseball player Frank Robinson, I also came across a bunch of other stuff about other people named Frank Robinson. I mean, that kind of name seems pretty standard when it comes to American names. There are a lot of Franks with the last name Robinson. The same could be said about people named Amy Lawrence and Lonnie Smith. You just have to assume that there’s going to be a bunch of people who have similar names.

Frank Robinson had an interesting childhood. He was the youngest of ten children in his family. That’s a lot of children to take care of. The thing of note is that he didn’t share a father with his other siblings. It isn’t really known who the father(s) of his other siblings are but he is the son of Ruth Shaw and Frank Robinson. But his parent’s relationship didn’t really last long. His parents got a divorce when he was really young. Eventually, they moved to California.

Their family settled down in West Oakland. He seems to have been a pretty athletic teenager during high school. Aside from baseball, he was also part of the school’s basketball team. Somehow he had a few other teammates in both sports that went on to play in major league baseball and basketball, respectively. You don’t often get a lot famous alumni in one school. It seems that Frank settled on baseball.

He spent three years playing in minor league baseball. You’ve got to start from somewhere. Even though I don’t really understand the stats but it seems that he did good enough to get promoted to another team. But was eventually demoted to another team a season after. It was in 1956 that he made it to major league baseball as part of the Cincinnati Reds. During his first year in the team, he managed to get the Rookie of the Year award. It seems that he did pretty well initially, having won an MVP award early in the season. But their team lost against the New York Mets in the World Series that year.

After serving almost a decade with the Cincinnati Reds, he was traded to the Baltimore Orioles. Surprisingly, the trades the owner of the Reds made didn’t really pan out that well. But Frank was doing pretty well for the Orioles. In his first year, he won the Triple Crown, which meant that he was leading in the stats for three different categories. The Orioles won the 1966 World Series and Frank was the World Series MVP. Four years later, they won the World Series against the Cincinnati Reds.

The years that followed would be Frank Robinson’s last year as a professional player. After winning the World Series with the Orioles, Frank was traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers. Around the time, the players initiated a strike against the league. Frank was one of three who voted against it. Still, he was still part of the lineup for the 1972 season. He didn’t really do that great in the game that season.

After playing for a two more teams after the Dodgers, Frank retired after suffering an injury. He later went on to manage a few teams after retiring from playing. He managed a few teams through the next 20+ years. The Washington Nationals decided not to renew the contract with Frank in 2006. At that point Frank had amassed a net worth of about $55,000,000.

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