Roland Frasier Review

Roland Frasier

Roland Frasier describes himself as a serial entrepreneur who has built or sold 24 businesses. And they’re not your ordinary biz as the adjusted sales for each range from $3 million to just under $4 billion. No, he didn’t stutter with the billion dollar figure. He’s definitely twisting some words here, no way he got involved in a major way, and in turn, got a major bag, through a company with billion sales. Not when he’s still trying damn hard to sell courses for a living. Scroll below to know more about him.

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Giving Roland some benefit of the doubt, let me do some mental gymnastics here. Sure, he could’ve gotten his hands on a billion dollar company through his numerous skills as a digital marketer – negotiation, copywriting, and marketing, to name a few. I think that’s the only possibility he got involved in such and not in a major type of way like being the company’s CEO. Still, he should’ve NOT taken the whole ass credit as if he’s the one who built it from scratch or who got the lion share for selling. He’s probably rich himself, but not billionaire levels rich ala Mark Cuban like he’s trying to portray.

So, what’s the deal with him? Well, his courses are mainly built around scaling a business. The question he’s usually answering with his coaching programs is this: How do you grow a business to make more money without working yourself to death? He’ll answer that for you at a price.

For instance, he had a course named EPIC Challenge (which stands for Ethical Profits In Crisis) that shows how to scale your biz via buying another person’s biz. It sounds difficult to pull off since it’s definitely not a piggy bank or two worth of move, but Roland will pave the way to circumvent your financial limitations. Specifically, he’ll show you eight different ways to acquire businesses without the need to spend your own money.

He also readily dismisses the concern of not finding anyone that’ll sell their profitable biz to you. According to him, there’s a lot of reasons why someone would give up their biz. Maybe they want to move on from the said biz, the one you’re keen to snatch, to another. Or maybe, they’ll be moving cross-country while managing the said biz remotely is impossible. And many, many more reasons, or so he says. To help secure the yes of these motivated biz sellers once you found ‘em out, he’ll also hand you out a strategy he used himself to know what words to say, when to say it, and how you structure the deal. Once all is said and done, you got yourself another biz that you can do whatever. Manage, scale, or sell for a profit – it all depends on you.

It sounds interesting, but I had my doubts. Regardless of any template provided to help you with negotiations, it won’t really move the needle if you don’t have any sales chops. There could be someone out there who wants to sell their profitable biz for whatever reason, but they won’t likely sell it to you. Despite having an EPIC course under your belt, you’ll still be a no-name businessman until you build a brand yourself. The latter is outside the scope of the said course, so good luck with that.

Roland Frasier Review

Moreover, you need to shell out a lot of money before you even get to the juicy info. As expected, the $55 EPIC Challenge is just a sales pitch to the real thang called EPIC Elite Accelerator. The price of EPIC Elite Accelerator? Well, EPIC Elite Accelerator would cost you a whopping $6,995 for 8-week access (not even good for lifetime) and will get more expensive once you opt for monthly installments. In short, it’s as expensive as acquiring another biz.

For the sole reason that you might not be able to use the teachings in the course at all, I won’t recommend Roland’s EPIC series of courses.  To add, I’m usually against crazy expensive courses without a refund policy. To note, the 300% success guarantee here only means that you’ll get extended access to the course, up to 24 weeks, if you haven’t got a 300% ROI after the initial 8 weeks.

Personally, I won’t be comfortable working with Roland Frasier too after I’ve found out some tea, albeit lukewarm, on Facebook. And no, it’s not about his page barely hitting a double-figure reaction count despite having one million plus followers. It’s about his post last year that indicates wanting to work with the Mikkelsen Twins that belongs to the crooks of coaching space. Obviously, I won’t trust someone like Roland who’s very willing to hook these guys with a deal.

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