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Freddie Gibbs Net Worth

You know how this goes. I open a post with a paragraph where I talk about general stuff before I go through the specifics. Sometimes it’s a good way to open with an overview before we talk about the specific person. I am aware that might not actually be a good way to start an article about any person’s net worth. But sometimes I feel like the kinds of articles that I see about people’s net worth can be kind of stilted in a way. I just find it nice to open with some context just so it’d be easier to write as I go on.

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From what I could find, Freddie was born in the midwest, specifically Gary, Indiana. Some of the artists that I have written about in the past would sometimes come from pivotal places in music history like Brooklyn or Compton, or even places adjacent to it. Initially, Freddie was playing football in Ball State University under an athletic scholarship. Unfortunately, he got expelled because he wasn’t going to his classes. Even though you get to go school to play a sport, going to classes is a non-negotiable. Later on, he was enlisted in the army because he was on trial for theft and other charges. He got discharged because he got caught smoking weed.

He went back to Gary and took a job at a local mall. Somehow that lead him to meet a local hip-hop producer who goes by the name Finger Roll who had his own recording studio. Soon after, he joined the crew of his label and started to pursue a career as a rapper.

In 2004, he released the mixtape “Full Metal Jacket.” He eventually did a sequel to that project in the same year. I’m always amazed to see people make as much music as they can, especially in such a short period of time. He was eventually signed to a major label, specifically Interscope Records. He started to do work on his debut album but he was dropped from the label in 2006 because the person who signed him left the label. That didn’t really stop him from releasing music on his own. In 2010, he released his first EP “Str8 Killa.”

In the years since, has signed with a label, released music through it, made a few collaborations with other artists. I mean, it’s a normal process of being an artist. After he a year under CTE World, Freddie decided to leave the label. He went to start to release music under his own label, which coincidentally is named after his debut album ESGN or “Evil Seeds Grow Naturally.”

It’s kind of hard sometimes to keep talking about all of the release that he has made through almost two decades on him as a rapper. The music industry can be difficult to navigate. You get signed to a major label, release music through it and then leave. Sign on to another label, release music through that label and then leave. That is basically what Freddie Gibbs did for a few years. In 2020, he signed with Warner Records and is about release his newest album $oul $old $eparately in September 2022. At this point, Freddie Gibbs has amassed a net worth of about $3,000,000.

A lot has happened to Freddie personally between the years 2014–2016. In 2014, a guy opened fire on him while he was sitting in a car after performing in New York. Fortunately, he and two of the people in his entourage were unscathed. In 2015, which is the more positive stories among the ones I saw on his Wikipedia page, he a fundraising activity to a local charity purchase school supplies for students in Gary, Indiana. He relates his experience as little kid who didn’t really have all the supplies he need to go to school.

Then in 2016, before he had to perform at a concert in France, he was arrested for sexual assault charges for an alleged rape that took place in Austria the year before. He would be extradited to Austria for the charges. He spent weeks in prison but would later on be released after posting for bail. He was acquitted of the charges later that same year.

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