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Sarah Turner, creator of the Write Your Way To Freedom online course, explains that if you ever want to earn some good money online, copywriting is the skill that’s imperative for you to learn. And I certainly agree. She also acknowledges that not everyone certainly has an innate talent for writing, much less copywriting. Therefore, she created the Write Your Way To Freedom online course for anyone who wants to learn. But is a course like this even necessary for anyone who wishes to learn how to write effectively? My honest review may help you find the answer for yourself.

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Upon seeing Sarah Turner’s website, the first idea that will surely pop up in your head is that she looks rather normal. And judging from her social media accounts, she is. She’s understandably nothing like Sean Ferres or Jason Capital who, at first glance, would immediately strike the image of being an authoritative figure. Sarah Turner isn’t anything like them. Yet she has that pure smile that clearly shows she’s enjoying her life as a freelance copywriter.

And she really does, it seems. After all, she claims that she’s able to build her own multi-million dollar business out of copywriting. In my opinion, it’s an exaggeration. But the figure that she’s making around $260,000 per year in copywriting seems to be credible. Because that’s the advantage when you are good at copywriting. It’s constantly on-demand, so business owners will continuously look for and pay a generous amount to copywriters to help promote their products. It’s not uncommon for some of them to pay upwards of ten thousand dollars for one piece of copy that you did. Because if the ad copy works, it’s going to pay for itself. A very good example of this is Nike’s “Just Do It” slogan. It may seem very simple, but it has increased Nike’s sales from $800 million to more than $9.2 billion in 10 years.

Plus it’s not really that hard when you think about it. You don’t need a writing background to do it. if you can text your friends or post random messages on social media, you’ve already got what it takes. And yes. This doesn’t a huge vocabulary library or even grammar expertise to learn. All it needs is that your writing should be clear enough to reach and understand your intended audience, yet will have an impact on them.

Sarah also tells you to simply don’t believe anyone that says the copywriting industry is extremely saturated, and that you’ll have a hard time finding clients because of it. She explains that, if you’re discouraged from learning copywriting because there are 500,000+ copywriters today on LinkedIn, does this mean that you should discourage someone from taking up a health-related degree and be a doctor because there are 6,850,000 of them on LinkedIn as well? Of course not. She further explains that copywriting is still a profitable skill to learn because a lot of online businesses are constantly popping out, and more than ever, they need copywriters. Thus, the idea of saturation is completely false. Instead, she asks you how willing are you to have a copywriting career, and if you’re ready and willing to cultivate the skills, personality traits, and attitude that will set you apart.

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The Write Your Way To Freedom online course contains a total of seven modules, all of them arranged in a step-by-step procedure to help you learn in a progressive manner. It contains lessons for developing the proper copywriting mindset, choosing your niche, and more importantly, anything and everything you need to know about search engine optimization (and the tools you need to do it effectively). You’ll also get lessons on developing your website to make it look more professional, plus how to reach out to potentially high-paying clients. Finally, as with other online courses, you’ll also be able to attend scheduled coaching sessions with Sarah herself, during which you can ask any further questions about copywriting, etc, and even get some professional editing help for your first copy works.

The cost of the Write Your Way To Freedom program is $1,997 one-time payment, but you can also avail of the course for ten payments of $299. There’s also a refund policy if you’re not satisfied with the program itself, but I recommend not availing of this course if you already have some doubts if copywriting is going to work for you. As an advice from me to you, it’s much better if you first find some free training materials in order to get the gist of it, and for practice, write a lot of articles. It helps if you also own a blog that you can use as a starting point for your copywriting. And even if you do decide to take on a paid course, keep in mind that there are also some copywriting online courses that are much cheaper than this on different platforms. Finally, copywriting may be an essential and highly-lucrative skill, but you don’t really have to pay that much for it. If you’re already developed your copywriting skill using various free resources, it will be of much better value for anyone if they spend it on a course that teaches them an online business for which they can earn passive income.

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