Freelance Affiliate Guide Review (Keala Kanae)

Keala Kanae

Keala Kanae is back with another freelance affiliate guide for you. This time, it’s in a book named Freelance Marketing Secrets. Which is ironically not-so-secret anymore because anyone, even your momma, can get it as long as they’re willing to share their emails. Down with that? If you ask me, I ain’t giving no emails because the spam I only want is in can, not in my inbox. But I’ll do it anyway, so you don’t need to. Read on.

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Not that I’m willing to part with my email for nothing, I’m doing it to review this freelance affiliate guide. If you’re curious on whether it’s legit or just a Keala scam, then I’m curious too. But yeah, don’t get your hopes up on something known for spam. Sounds like trouble if you ask me. Or to put it (a bit more) bluntly, it’s likely dogsh*t.

To reiterate, the Freelance Marketing Secrets, which is THE freelance affiliate guide and I’d call it that for simplicity’s sake, is an eighteen page ebook about affiliate marketing. It’s free, wait no, it’s given away for free to you as Keala clarified right off the bat. Uhh… Thank you, I guess? Interesting start and, you know what, things can only get better (for the worse) from here.

I’m talking about the $10,000 guarantee that follows the rather pretentious clarification one page later. They said it themselves, it’s ridiculous, outrageous, outlandish, in that order. Dude pulled a damn thesaurus, and he’ll probably list more words if the book is not only eighteen pages short.

Anyway, let’s talk about the guarantee. Simply put, issa promise of you earning an extra $10k following their training, but only IF you register on a masterclass of the same name. Yup, instead of promising getting $10k OR your money back, he goes with an IF. Like, what are we getting if you don’t deliver on ya promise? Issa pretty useless guarantee if you ask me.

Not to mention that two pages in, we already got a f*cking upsell. Let that sink in. Actually, there’s more and I’ll make sure to mention it later. For now, I’ll go over the content of this freelance affiliate guide. Y’know, what makes the guide an actual guide. To my suprise, Keala wrote some. Three steps to be exact. Although, of course, I have to scroll through three pages of his very guru-fied story first. Goddamnit.

Not to brag, but to inspire, says the dude when you and I know that it’s the damn opposite. Skipping that BS, here’s step one: Know your target audience. You could do this by searching keywords of problems that need solving, like “lose weight” for example, on Google Keyword Planner. According to him, the higher the search volume, the better in terms of money you’ll make. No mention of intense competition that comes with it, though.

Then, here’s step two: Find a product that’ll serve your target audience and promote it for that commission money. He suggests using affiliate networks such as ClickBank to do that. Also goes on to say that the higher the commission, the greater the profits. No sh*t. Nonsense, I know, but Keala is acting as if he found a cure for cancer for saying that. No dude, YOU are the cancer.

Freelance Affiliate Guide Review

Finally, here’s step three: Create a sales funnel to sell that product from step two on autopilot. Just the usual, like create a squeeze page for getting the deets, have an autoresponder to email those who got “squeezed” earlier, and then get an offer page to sell your affiliate product. That’s it, the end. No actual secret, just basic affiliate marketing stuff you can easily find on google.

My thoughts? One, my hunch was right, it’s really dogsh*t. Two, you don’t pay someone to promote their product. Wasn’t able to mention this earlier, but dude offers his affiliate program only IF you buy his sh*t. Any legit affiliate program won’t ask you to do that, period. Also, this brings me to my third and final point which is…

Three, don’t get sucked in just because this freelance affiliate guide cost zero dollars. Dude will still try to bleed your wallets dry through what comes next: The upsells from his AWOL Academy (now Fullstaq Marketing). Not telling everything you need in one go to convince you to buy ‘em all. From costing you zero to a little over $10k for just affiliate marketing, hell nah. Charging that much feels like a scam IMO, so I’ll say it is. Boo!

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