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Aaron Jack claims that it’s possible to earn a six-figure income by being a software developer. And you don’t even need a Bachelor’s degree to make it possible. Because he claims enrolling in a software development course can take too long for anyone. And while it may help you get the job, it’s won’t be as relevant as something that you hoped. What he proposes is a learning program that helps you get the skills you need for software development, while allowing you to earn as soon as you’re comfortable with your skill level and prepare you for more advanced learning in the future. This Freemote review will help you learn more about his plan.

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Aaron Jack started off as a broke English teacher. But after he learned software development, he’s now earning around $168,368 in a year, after being hired by Google. Despite being an English teacher, he studied software development at various online courses like the Harvard CS50 online course, and even some so-called “coding bootcamps”. He then came to the conclusion that, while these educational programs give you good training on coding and software development, they aren’t the best ones to try especially when you need to earn money ASAP.

Online courses take too long, around a few years, and 90% of the things they’re teaching on these courses aren’t really needed on most software jobs. On the other hand, coding bootcamps focus on the things most people really needed for the job. Unfortunately, there are some cases that not all of the students are still not getting jobs that are relevant to what they studied. Instead, many of them are being hired to become instructors for a new generation of students of those bootcamps. Hence, they aren’t really able to practice what they were taught.

Aaron prefers a software development training program that can teach you the coding skills you needed land a relevant job as soon as possible and start earning money. His ultimate goal is to teach you only the skills that are absolutely needed in most front-end development jobs, apply on one as soon as possible, and earn as much as you can so you can take on other, more advanced coding education (if you wish). And this is the basis for his Freemote training program.

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The Freemote program is very clear on the fact that they’re not going to teach everything about software development, because that’s not what they’re after. For comparison, Freemote will teach you only 20% of what most other courses of similar nature teach, and that 20% is the most useful and used coding in the industry. Aftwerwards, he suggests that you find jobs first on some freelance job websites (he recommends Upwork) to build your portfolio and experience, and once you’re comfortable with it, you can do direct freelancing.

Freenote’s curriculum can be broken down into three stages. First, you’ll be taught web development. You’ll learn to code with HTML, CSS, and even Javascript. Second, lessons about Shopify. Their reasoning for this is that e-commerce is one of the more profitable niches for software developers out there because of its demand. Thus, you’ll be taught how to build your Shopify website, and how you can make custom themes and plugins. Lastly, you’ll learn about the ins and outs of freelancing. Basically, how to build your portfolio, market yourself, get hired, look for new clients, keep them happy, get paid, and protect yourself in the process. You’ll also be taught how to look for profitable projects on various freelance websites like the aforementioned Upwork. Aside from the video training, you’ll also get various bonuses such as downloadable cheat sheets for coding syntaxes, contract templates, checklists, and more. Finally, you’ll also be given access to a community of fellow students where you can share your knowledge as well as ask some of your peers who are more experienced than you.

The Freemote program will cost you $1,659 to enroll. To be fair, a typical training program about coding will definitely cost a lot, around five figures. However, as you already found out, what Freemote will be teaching you are mostly just bare coding essentials. This means that many of the lessons here can be found on some free sources around the web, especially on the coding part. On the other hand though, if you feel like getting a gig as a Shopify developer or even a freelance developer on any e-commerce website, then maybe the program can work for you. Don’t expect to earn as much as you expect though. And technically, you’re still going to be employed by someone in this business model.

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