Freight Broker Bootcamp Review (Dennis Brown)

Dennis Brown

Dennis Brown answers a frequently asked question with some sass. This is about whether he’ll hire his students after attending his Freight Broker Bootcamp. His response was a firm NO. Like, to him, why would anyone want a typical job? “Our system is designed to take the ‘j-o-b’ out of the equation and prepare you for self-employment by teaching you how to create work for yourself,” he continues. A man of sense, I see. No one wants to rot in a 9-5, anyway.

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The question that remains is whether pursuing a biz as a freight broker is worth it and whether his Freight Broker Bootcamp is the real deal. I mean, the usual 9-5 sucks, obviously, but you definitely know what you’re getting in it. It’s the “least comfortable” comfort zone there is.

On the other hand, treading on unfamiliar territory just like starting a freight broker career is quite the opposite. It could either lead you to the promised land or kick you to a poverty curb further. Sad to say, failing is more likely to happen than hitting gold here. I’m saying this not because I want y’all to stay a miserable 9-5er. I’m not discouraging anyone from trying entrepreneurship, er, freight-preneurship either. It’s just the freight broker space is in limbo.

It’s just like every middleman in the industry ever. The system of having someone acting as a bridge won’t go away anytime soon, but it’s not particularly friendly to newbies trying to squeeze in due to lack of leverage. Specifically, you’ll have a hard time getting some (decent) deals here when there’s already a lot of established freight brokers in your area that came in first. Worse, these brokers are not willing to give you a helping hand at all. Heck, they’re probably a lil bit hostile if I may say. You’re nothing to them but competition and they obviously don’t want more of the latter.

Hence, I’m not recommending the business model for complete beginners who know nothing about the freight industry. It’s tough and competitive work, it requires thousands to start (the freight broker surety bond alone cost a whopping $75k), and it’s easy to get lost with how complicated it is. No amount of courses including Dennis’s Freight Broker Bootcamp can make this sh*t easier. Just look for something else, period.

However, my stand sways the other direction if you already have extensive knowledge about the freight industry. Yes, I’ll give you the green light if you’re someone wanting to transition from one freight career to another aka the ‘ol career switcheroo. For instance, a trucker might want to switch from being behind the wheels shipping stuff to being behind the phone managing people. If you don’t mind the cold-calling and social media marketing to get started, then switching to brokering freight might be a good call.

Freight Broker Bootcamp Review

This is where Freight Broker Bootcamp could be helpful. Given that you already have IRL experience, the course would be some sort of supplement to point you towards the right way of becoming a freight broker. I mean, that’s what I think knowing Dennis is an actual expert in the field, a former CEO of a logistics company in NA, and not some “fake it ‘til you make it” dude. To add, the course is also less expensive than the usual training programs although you might miss the live classroom-type instruction.

Speaking of the course instruction, it’s in the form of online self-paced video modules. Topics discussed here includes laws and regulations regarding brokering freight; all the nitty-gritty in shipping documents, rate classification, and contracts; the cost of the business which includes the bond I mentioned earlier plus fuel and shipping fees; types of shipping; necessary tools, software, and insurance in the trade;accounting principles especially taxes; and other legalities like setting up an LLC or corporation.

Aside from the video modules, you’ll also get databases, templates, forms, cost calculators, and contract generators once you sign up for the course. Essentially, you’ll get the freight broker must-haves if you want a smooth-sailing career start. The price of Freight Broker Bootcamp? Two options here, either pay the cost of Freight Broker Bootcamp’s gold membership at $185 per year or opt to pay the one time fee of platinum membership at $389 for lifetime access to contents I mentioned above plus bonuses such as Shipper sales script and five coaching sessions with seven-figure freight brokers. It’s your choice.

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