Land Flipping Investor Reviews

Land Flipping Investor

Land Flipping Investor Blueprint is Casual Fridays REI program for, guess what, land flipping. In case you’re wondering, this is quite similar to your usual flipping. But instead of houses, it’s land that you’re trying to buy and sell at a profit. Now you know what’s land flipping, the promise here is somewhat ambitious, yet so simple: Turn you from zero to real estate investor in less than three months. Read on for the rest of the Land Flipping Investor review.

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What’s more, you can do this all without any prior experience. As in zero. Their words, Adam Southey and Justin Sliva, not mine. Now, who are these guys, you might ask. Well, they’re the duo behind Casual Fridays REI. Catch ‘em as hosts on Casual Fridays REI’s podcast or as mentors if you eventually sign up for Land Flipping Investor Blueprint. Regarding signing up, should you?

Before I answer that, I think it’s worth noting their thoughts about traditional house investments. I mean, that’s one of their main talking points to sell land flipping as a business model, anyway. So, yeah, to them, traditional house investments are just a waste of time. How so?

Issa waste because it’s not as rewarding as you’d hope for something that requires a lotta time, money, and work. Finding  and buying the perfect house is already draining, yet you still have to either deal with contractors and tenants for the rehab, or do all the work yourself. All the hard work for, what, a few thousands in profit, probably.

And you know what, the land industry is so much better in this regard, says them (of course, they would). In contrast to the time-consuming traditional house investments, you’ll be able to run the entire business from a laptop in just a few hours a week. No contractors, no tenants, no rehabs, no headaches. Best of all, the low competition here means you can easily find good deals within your budget.

With that said, Land Flipping Investor Blueprint is essentially your step-by-step guide to become successful in the land industry as a smart and savvy land flipping investor. Seven steps of becoming one where they’ll guide you from start to end. The said seven steps are as follows: Business incorporation, picking and pricing a county, finding and reaching the owners, due diligence, buying/closing on the property, marketing, and selling the property.

Specifically, signing up for this means lifetime access to forty video tutorials, list of handpicked vendors, and a private Facebook group. No mention of live coaching nor one-on-one calls, so I assume there’s none. Without it, how would they price the Land Flipping Investor Blueprint, then? Thought it’d be on the affordable side, but nope… Land Flipping Investor Blueprint would still cost you $2,000 regardless.

Now, here’s the deal. This might come as a surprise, but they’re actually completely honest with the advantages of land flipping. No cap when they imply that land flipping has low competition and low capital requirement (relative to traditional house investments). However, they’re all about flexing the benefits, the sh*t you’ll reap when all things went according to plan. How about the opposite, what if things go wrong?

Land Flipping Investor Reviews

This is where they go high with copium. They’re like, what’s the matter if you can’t flip the land, you still have a valuable piece of property (bought way under value, they say) that’ll only appreciate over the years. I should say, the talk on value is all moot when no one bothers to give you THAT value. You can hold, sure, but until when? Are you sure that land appreciation will beat inflation in the long run? I doubt it. And remember, the bills to pay don’t stop during the waiting.

In short, land flipping is not all flawless in reality. In fact, it even has NFT vibes written all over it. Obviously, NFT space is much worse, but both are full of frauds illegally inflating the value of their stuff (land for land flipping, digital receipts for NFTs) through market manipulation. Not everything is illegal, don’t get me wrong, but it’s the usual. It’s the norm.

Be scammed or be the scammer yourself, what’s your choice? Here’s to hoping that you pick none. Because you can (pick none) and you should, there’s no need to settle for less. In conclusion, I’m not down with land flipping as a business model, and in turn, I don’t recommend signing up for the Land Flipping Investor Blueprint.

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