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Andy Frisella Net Worth

When I first saw photos of Andy Frisella, I thought to myself, “This guy feels like he exudes a lot of toxic masculinity.” I mean, look at him. He’s such a very imposing figure. You’ve got the beard, the wide shoulders and all of that muscle. I know that sometimes what you see initially is how you perceive a person. Everybody is guilty of judging a person by their looks. But there’s really something about how people see you that clouds what they think of you.

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Based on what is on Andy’s official biography, he was the type of guy who wasn’t that much into the way you are taught at school. A lot of people learn different so I kind of get why Andy didn’t like going to school all that much. It’s hard to go through what is expected of you even if you don’t want to. He makes it abundantly clear that he had no interest in the path he thinks society planned for him.

Everybody wants to find success for themselves but they often don’t know how. I think everybody has the potential for success. It just really depends on how much they want to achieve it. It seems like Andy always had the drive to become successful. But he didn’t want follow a standard path to it. If he wanted to be successful, it hard to be in his own terms. His father instilled that having determination a good work ethic is essential to succeeding.

Eventually, Andy got into sports. It definitely seems like the best venue to let out your aggression and competitiveness. Back then, Andy wasn’t in that great of shape. But it was through sports that he got in better shape. Of course, that lead him to become more confident in himself and have better sense of alertness.

Soon after, Andy and his friend were find ways to earn money. They saw somebody open up a supplement store nearby. Considering that both of them were athletic and into weightlifting, it made so much sense that selling nutritional supplements would be the best bet. Unfortunately, they didn’t have any money. Andy knew that his dad wasn’t going to give him money to start a business so he started doing a bunch of odd jobs.

Unfortunately, the money that they had managed to save up was enough to cover the advance that they were required to pay for the storefront. So they had to sign up for a lot credit cards to make their store work. It took them a while to find success. At some point, Andy was really down on himself because it wasn’t what he was hoping it’d be. But after a chance encounter with a person who survived a plane crash—a very random to add, I admit—helped him change his mindset.

Eventually, the supplement store did well. They managed to open a few more locations. Through the success he was getting his business, he started to posting motivational content online. Somehow, those content were getting traction. That eventually lead him to start what would eventually become The MFCEO Project.

He managed to make 300+ episodes of that podcast. While it many not be a lot, it’s still a big undertaking release that much content in four years. He would eventually start another podcast shortly after called Real AF. At this point in his life, Andy is still doing well for himself. He’s earned enough money where he can invest in other businesses, buy himself a nice sportscar, and all that junk. It’s no wonder that he has a net worth of $10,000,000.

Aside from his podcasts, Andy also started a “mental toughness” program called Hard 75. It is functionally a fitness program but for both mental and physical fitness. A bunch of the before and after photos are just his students losing weight and getting a bit of muscle definition. He also went on to write a children’s book series called “Otis & Charley’s Hardworking Tails.” You never would’ve expected him to that. But he wanted to gets to learn about hardwork, which isn’t a bad idea.

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