7 Figures Funding Review (Leo Kanell)

Leo Kanell

Leo Kanell, founder of 7 Figures Funding, reveals the secret on how he became a multi-millionaire from being a bankrupt dad in his latest ad. The secret is a profitable endeavor that he calls the business funding space. It’s an “underground” business where you connect business owners with lending options. According to him, such business is both pandemic and recession proof. Interested to know whether this biz is for you or not? See for yourself and read the review below.

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Despite the fancy name, it’s almost the same business model as Oz Konar’s Business Lending Blueprint. Both of them also mentioned the same sentiment of having millions of small time entrepreneurs that are desperate for your help. We’re talking about the businesses that are getting declined left and right by conventional means (like banks) to get funding.

It’s almost the same, really. Not until Leo incorporates the aspect of affiliate marketing into this.  Instead of learning how to strike the best deal with a lender, you’ll just use Leo’s service as a business loan broker. Essentially, all you have to do is set up your referral link. If you’re able to snag one that uses Leo’s service with your link, you’ll be rewarded with a commission of around $250 – $5,000 per funded deal.

Sounds easy, right? It may sound easy-peasy since they claim you have millions of desperate clients, but it’s really not the case. Whatever Leo and Oz is saying regarding the number of potential clients and their desperation is not necessarily true. If it is, Leo won’t need you and your referrals anyway.

In fact, the competition among loan brokers is quite intense. Having a reputable business is not enough, you’ll also need to advertise the heck out of your biz. This is why Leo is teaching you how to get leads by setting up your own Facebook ads campaign. Essentially, you’ll do what Leo’s supposed to do to get clients for his own biz. Good for him, but it’s not so good for you. You’ll likely end up as a loser here, quite frankly.

Why do I say this? To start, you’ll pay him right away just to get a referral link. It’s not that much at the start, only around $37. However, it’s just the beginning of a sales funnel. You could end up buying his 7 Figures Accelerator course that could cost up to $5,997.

Another reason is paying for the Facebook ads. It’s too expensive while not giving a guarantee of netting you a successful referral. In short, this is a financial gamble that is not advisable to take. Scummy for Leo to encourage you to do one without being transparent with the risk involved. He’s sugarcoating it even, saying that a couple hundred bucks of investment monthly in Facebook ads would be worth it for a potential thousand dollars worth of commission. Nope, don’t fall for that sh*t. 

7 Figures Funding doesn’t even have a functional Facebook page to begin with, just a barren one with less than a hundred likes and zero posts. Leo’s page ain’t doing well either, better page likes figures but no reaction whatsoever on his posts. He’s posting frequently too on the latter account, but it’s not that different from the inactive one. I see this as a telling sign that he’s not running a Facebook ads campaign himself. If he’s not running one, why should you?

7 Figures Funding Review

Finally, I’ll also cite the lack of verifiable success as a reason why you’ll likely end up as a loser here. The reviews are from two websites, So Tell Us and Trust Index, that only compile reviews. Both share a lot of the same reviews that you’ll have trouble finding the original source yourself. They’re also reviewing Leo’s loan broker service rather than his affiliate program.

Worst, it seems like the reviews are fake and just using profiles of other people without their consent. The way the reviews are written doesn’t make sense for some of the names I searched. For example, a program director with masters’ degree in Business Administration should not sound clueless in terms of funding. Her being thankful for not being overwhelmed with details is kinda off too. There’s a lot of reviews like this that don’t match what you’ll expect from an educated reviewer. Some are hilariously out of place… like why would a psychotherapist YouTuber use Leo’s service at all?

In conclusion, I don’t recommend Leo’s  7 Figures Funding and his affiliate program. It’s not worth the hassle if you’ll likely lose money in the end. To answer the question earlier, I don’t think this is a business that’s right for you or for anyone.

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