The Near Future Report Review (Jeff Brown)

Jeff Brown

Jeff Brown suggests in a YouTube video that the mainstream media has always been dead wrong when it comes to the stock market. In contrast, he claims that he and his team from Brownstone Research were able to nail every big call imaginable. From 1987’s Black Monday to NASDAQ stock crash, they predicted it all days before it happened. “I believe we’re on the cusp of something we haven’t seen in 20 years,” says Jeff. And  apparently, he’ll serve some scalding hot tea on The Near Future Report I’ll review below.

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“Fortunes will be made – and lost – over the next few months,” Jeff added to give you an idea on why you need to pay attention to him and his newsletter. To reiterate, he’s talking about making some money, or losing a lot of it, with your stock investments on the upcoming “second wave.” And oh, I think the latter name is a nod to the ‘rona and its effect on the market.

This is what he’s preaching almost a year ago. Now, he switched to another narrative just like how I (frequently) change my undies. This time, he warns Americans that their retirement money is in jeopardy. That you, a true American lad, will never be able to buy an ammo (very American warning, I should say) once you say the wrong sh*t on the internet. Or they’ll shut your power off completely because you’re not a “sheep” that follows health mandates. Word of caution straight out of a dystopian fiction that targets a rather interesting group from ‘Merica.

His point here is rather simple, and that is to always be on the loop for reports (or warnings) such as this. Unsurprisingly, he’ll insert his The Near Future Report Newsletter as a must-have subscription to get all the insider info on finance and stocks. As long as you take action right here and right now, Jeff claims that he’ll help you connect the dots to be on the right side of history. And he takes a vow…

Alright, he didn’t do that in reality, but that’s just what I think is appropriate for what he just said and did. That’s what clowns usually do after they perform in the circus, am I right? Kidding aside, I really don’t appreciate his fear mongering plus theatrics just to snag some suckers that would pay for his newsletter.

So, what’s the cost of The Near Future Report? Well, the price of Jeff’s The Near Future Report is usually $199, although there are promos sometimes that slash the price to only $49. To add, the refund policy usually differs too. Some of the checkout page mentions a 90-day Ironclad guarantee, but some only list a 60-day one.

For the contents, what you’ll get is 12 monthly issues of the newsletter and access to special reports with the usual tabloid titles such as “The #1 Tech Play for the Digital Dollar Revolution: How to multiply your nest-egg as cash goes digital” and “5 Plays to Strike it Rich in Online America.”

The Near Future Report Review

Obviously, I won’t recommend subscribing to Jeff’s newsletter. First of all, I don’t see any reason to subscribe to newsletters, and not only Jeff’s, at all. You don’t pay for something you usually get for free, ‘nuff said. And oh, you also don’t pay for any of Jeff’s offers that’s full to the brim with BS stories, clickbait, and hot takes.

Another reason to not subscribe would be the lack of actionable steps in the newsletter. Sure, Jeff could share some news on a Biotech stock that’ll pump sooner to the moon. Knowing the news, true or not, won’t move a needle as Jeff won’t reveal the actual name of the stock (some say it’s just Jeff shilling Illumina, btw). In turn, you’ll be stuck doing nothing unless you subscribe to a pricier course of Jeff at around $2,500-$4,000. Hell to the f*cking no to that, or any pricey upsells in general, too.

Besides, the way he markets his newsletter is shady af. He wants his viewers to believe that he’s getting interviewed by a third-party news provider by posting 1-hour videos on different YouTube channels disguised as a news and/or stock review channel. In reality, they’re probably just channels that are controlled by him. Peep the interviewer and the general flow of the program, it’s basically the same for all the “interview” videos.

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