Agency Incubator Review (Iman Gadzhi)

Iman Gadzhi

Iman Gadzhi hates how he has to label his presentation with an “earning $10k a month at home” title. He didn’t elaborate why, but he quips that the pretentious sounding claim is the “honest truth of what we’re accomplishing here today.” What’s better is you can do his biz, SMMA in particular, with no prior experience, whatsoever. Not that you’ll learn everything from the said presentation, that’s just a preview of what Iman’s Agency Incubator has to offer. Continue reading below for my review.

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I’ve already mentioned what SMMA (which stands for Social Media Marketing Agency) is and how it compares to traditional marketing agencies in a review before. Interestingly enough, the said review is about the seven-figure version of Agency Incubator from Iman himself. Feel free to hop on there if you’re lost, understandably so, on whatever the heck is SMMA. Then, there’s also Google, so choose whatever floats your boat.

Done reading about SMMA, eh? Good. Assuming we’re on the same page now, let’s talk about what Iman has to say on starting your very own SMMA. According to him, all it takes to get one up and running is following a four-step plan. Only four. You know what’s next, a vague and oversimplified instruction that only leads to an obvious bottomline – sign up for Agency Incubator. Riiight. Disappointed, but not surprised.

Anyhow, here’s the summary of the four-step plan: First, get your agency setup in 1 hour; second, pick a niche and service; third, use the Uber service model to have someone else deliver service for you; and fourth, start reaching out with Iman’s plug n’ play templates. 

First step starts with picking your agency’s name and God forbid, don’t overthink it. That’s a warning from Iman himself. He even considers the name of his agency in IAG Media dumb and nonsensical, but it never held him back in any way. By 30 minutes, you should be done picking one for ya’ baby. Then, go buy a domain for that name, preferably something that ends with dot com, and create a GSuite account for business email. Alternatively, you can also create a clean and simple website, but it’s not required.

Second step is very simple, says Iman, as you just have to ask yourself a few questions. One, is the niche you have in mind has clients making $5k or more a month? Two, are you passionate about the niche? Three, do you understand how the niche works? If you say yes to all, you’re good to go. Feel free to “niche hop” first to gauge which niche fits you best. However, it’s strongly recommended to stick to only one after six months for mastery and efficiency purposes. Same can also be said for picking a service.

Third step is basically outsourcing the service you’re offering if you know none of any. Of course, it’s better to be knowledgeable in at least one of the common services in SMMA like Facebook ads and Google SEO. But like he mentioned earlier, this is the alternative way to bypass the usual requirement of prior experience. Not that I’m not skeptical with the so-called white label agencies that are willing to do some SMMA work except getting clients, but okay.

Agency Incubator Review

Finally, the fourth step is to get clients and start cashing in checks. Easier said than done, just like the first three steps, but it’s doable, says by none other than Iman, especially with his plug n’ play templates and tactics. Dedicate 80% of your business time on outreach, follow his tactics to a t, and you’ll land a client much sooner, or so he says.

He’s trying damn hard to make us believe that he’s not really up to selling anything after the presentation, but then again, he’s deliberately flexing that his Agency Incubator is a step-by-step shortcut to get started quickly and painlessly in SMMA. And oh, he also encourages booking a call with their student success manager that’ll obviously lead to some sales talk… Like c’mon dude, cut the bullsh*t.

Regardless, I’m not fine with his Agency Incubator, or any SMMA course, focusing on unnecessary fluff like mindset training. For instance, the latter got 5 hours worth of content compared to lead generation training, which is disappointingly only about Facebook ads too, at two hours tops. How about spending more time on the things that actually get results done? If the presentation earlier is somehow enough to start the biz, Iman better delivers on how to run it on the paid course. Unfortunately, he didn’t. That being said, I’m not paying the price of Agency Incubator at $991. Not worth it.

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