Reviewing Garrett Gunderson Net Worth

Garrett Gunderson

Garrett Gunderson mentions that there’s so many financial books out there that are giving you the wrong idea about money. These books, according to him, try their hardest to get you to believe that net worth is the greatest indicator of wealth. For him, it’s not. “It’s actually the knowledge you have, the relationship you have, and how you build value for those relationships ,” he suggests. That’s his take on net worth, but what about HIS net worth? I’ll spill it below.

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Guess what, some of y’all might need to drop your prejudice against people with long hair. Garrett is rocking one and no, he’s not dead broke nor an up to no good stoner. Nu-uh, he’s not any of that. It’s just his style, let him slay. I say this as a hint on how he’s doing on the money front. All good as in the bankroll got a lot of zeroes as a rapper puts it.

Aside from being the founder and so-called Chief Wealth Architect of Wealth Factory, he’s also an experienced entrepreneur, a keynote speaker, and a New York Times best-selling author. And BTW, y’all Hindus can chill any minute now because dude is NOT killing cows literally with his bestselling book, Killing Sacred Cows. It only means that he’s warning his readers about the money myths that might rob them of their financial future. He’s probably eating burgers though, so there’s that. Moo… I mean, boo!

Anyway, if it wasn’t quite obvious, his thang is all about personal finance management. Something about building long lasting wealth with savviness. Sure, he understands the value of hard work, but he also knows that it’s not enough to get you the money that’ll let you live the life you love. The type of money that’ll keep the next generation well and fed for years to come.

This approach of him is actually rooted in his family history. He got a loving family alright. Father, great grandfather, and great great grandfather were coal miners, yet they made sure that he wouldn’t experience their hardship of setting foot in a mine. Yeah, they’re loving, but not wealthy. Mind you, his fam did work hard. They just don’t have the knowledge (a reference to his take on wealth earlier) to manage their finances well to get rich.

Thanks to him, this cycle of scarcity is broken. Only took them three generations to get there… Sad, I know, but it’s a painful reality for most of us. But hey, Garrett is now here to the rescue. His goal? Help you build economic independence in three to seven years instead of three generations. He got books, speaking events, and a training program for that.

The training program being the Wealth Factory, of course. He mentions that the program’s process goes like this: First, they recover “leaking” money that’s rightfully yours. Then, they connect you with experts— attorneys, accountants, cash flow specialists, and insurance experts— who’ll create a framework that preserves, protects, and grows your money. Finally, they build structures to get you a lasting family legacy (generational wealth).

Reviewing Garrett Gunderson Net Worth

Sounds great, but again, I’m not really down with Wealth Factory like I’ve mentioned in this review before. In particular, I don’t like the premise of their flagship program. It’s supposed to give you a “customized wealth plan”, a form of financial advice. The thing is, the Wealth Factory said it themselves that they’re no financial advisors. Maybe don’t give financial advice, then?

Seriously, the fine print says it literally: “Wealth Factory… are not financial or investment advisors and not licensed to sell securities or investments.” Like, okay, Garrett got some good financial takes, but that doesn’t mean he’s allowed to do anything. He just can’t waltz in, act as financial advisor even if he wasn’t, and call it a day. That’s not how it works brah.

Oh well, that flagship program probably gets him the most kaching which is why he’s sticking to it. Scummy, but that’s how he hustles, and builds his long lasting wealth, I s’pose. Great for cashing in, but not a good look on the values and contributions he passes along. Which is, he believes, something that defines your legacy besides money. Yeah, you really believe that, huh? That being said, his net worth is around eight million dollars or more now.

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