The Geneius Ad-vantage Review (Billy Gene)

Billy Gene

Billy Gene is marketing. That’s his mantra and that’s also what he really does for a living, or so he claims. He’s a marketer and he’s teaching how he does it through his courses including The Geneius Ad-vantage. He’s also not afraid of being himself as he brought his love for providing comedic relief in his training sessions. Is trying to get some “hee hee” from you while teaching marketing a recipe for success? Scroll down to my The Geneius Ad-vantage review below to find out.

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Spoiler alert, Billy could be just a smooth criminal all along. All the jokes referencing the King of Pop Mike aside, that’s what I thought about him after seeing the course and the number of negative reviews about him. He’s smooth because he knows how to be convincing and attention-grabbing in his ads. On the other hand, he’s a (lowkey) criminal, a mothaf*ckin’ hustler if I may say, for getting the bag from selling crappy courses and that alone (aka not really a marketer nor an owner of a marketing agency). 

But before I get into the ugly part, let’s go over the boring stuff first and discuss the deets about The Geneius Ad-vantage course. Here, Billy will show how to convert traffic into sales akas site visitors to a paying client using his genius, or should I say “Geneius”, advertising strategies. From its site, the course is also said to be the cure for every “ing” that the average person hates doing. He’s talking about networking with strangers, sending awkward emails, cold-calling, and begging all day just to get sales.

He didn’t mention that one “ing” I’m concerned about which is spending money, lots of them, on paid ads. No surprises here since it’s the marketing tool he’ll preach on the other side of the course. You’ll learn how to set ‘em up through the Ad Builder video modules, Billy’s live weekly training calls, monthly build-an-ad workshop, and discussion on the course’s private Facebook group.

If you’re more of a copy-and-paste type of person, the course also has a pretty sizable library of ad copy, headlines, images, suggested targeting, and drag-and-drop lead capture templates that you can use. What’s the price of The Geneius Ad-vantage course, then? Well, The Geneius Ad-vantage course usually costs around $197 a month. Albeit rare, there are also discounted pricing of The Geneius Ad-vantage that could go as low as $49.

Here goes the ugly things. I’ll start with something ugly regarding the pricing. Sure, the discounted figure could be alluring, but nope, don’t give in and give out money to Billy. Why? It’s mainly because you can get the same info from the course for the very low price of zero dollars – literally free of charge. Why pay for something you can search on Google when the training is not that well-organized too, reviewed as convoluted even. Worse, the course being a mess is said to justify the pricey $5,000 upsell, something I won’t recommend buying for that exorbitant price alone.

The Geneius Ad-vantage Review

In addition to pricing issues, they’re also not offering any refunds. There are few instances that they might trick you into thinking that they have one, but let me tell you that they have NONE. They’re also notorious for making it hard to cancel their subscriptions, so that they can keep charging you with their monthly fees. I don’t know about you, but I don’t f*ck around with courses known for unauthorized transactions.

Above all, the way Billy presents in the training alone might be enough to turn you off. What he calls as being true to himself could be a distasteful lack of seriousness to most. Students are paying for an educational training, not for some SNL comedic skit. Billy should know what to prioritize first and foremost and it’s obviously education over entertainment. And yes, he also should take some notes on how to be entertaining without acting like a damn clown. Forcing some unfunny jokes and playing around cheesy visual effects to be “entertaining” ain’t it.

In conclusion, I don’t recommend The Geneius Ad-vantage course. A pricey yet crappy course ain’ worth buying. Never. To answer the question above, the way Billy focuses on trying (yet failing) to be funny at the expense of the quality of actual training is NOT a recipe for success for you to learn marketing.

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