Generate Agent Leads Review

Generate Agent Leads

Prab Mangat has advice on where to start if you have no money. About four years ago, he’s in the same situation. Post says it best, he’s young, dumb, and broke… Well, maybe not-so-dumb as he’s able to invest a grand, the last of his savings that time, into something that’d change his life forever. What he did, you may ask? It’s learning how to market for realtors, which is unsurprisingly the core of his Generate Agent Leads program. Review below.

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He’s no broke university student who quit his cart attendant job out of humiliation anymore. Thanks to real estate marketing and consulting [or REMC for short], he can call himself a twenty-three-year-old multimillionaire now.

But he understands how it’s harder than ever to be successful nowadays. Hence, his warning on not letting the society brainwash one on becoming weak, compliant, and lazy.

Scrolling through TikTok for hours is becoming a norm, and so is eating ungodly amounts of oily food you’d thought a deep-fried buffet is closing for good tomorrow. He argues, “If you want to break out of the trap they’ve set for you, you need to create an income for yourself.”

“While you’re at it, just a friendly reminder” he adds, “trying to figure out how to make money online yourself is like counting grains of sand on a beach.” Shots fired to those learning a biz from free resources like YouTube. Apparently, doing that is no different from being a bum ass— just as pointless and a waste of time. Ouch.

Now, for the bottomline: “If you want to make $10k-$30k/mo and actually run a sustainable business, I can hold your hand and show you a proven roadman that has taken 250+ people reach financial freedom so far with their very own real estate marketing biz.”

“The best part is that we didn’t just make our money selling courses… we actually did it and made millions annually practicing what we preach,” he concludes. Of course, it’s sort of a Generate Agent Leads’ sales pitch. The usual.

Personally, I ain’t a fan of him lowkey dissing those who are simply trying their best in educating themselves. Bitch, not everyone has a spare grand nor parents [just like Prab’s] that’d put roof over their heads while they try to figure out their sh*t together. Touch some grass.

With a pitch like this, I can only assume that what they’ll offer in the end would be pricey. In the case of Generate Agent Leads, it’s indeed damn pricey. In particular, Generate Agent Leads’ training offer cost a whopping $7,600. Up to $15,000 according to some reports even.

What’s the deal with it besides being an REMC-focused training, anyway? Well, their Digital Agent Accelerator methodology is all about launching and scaling your very own lead generation system minus the mistakes, the hassle, and all the unnecessary bits. It’s about how to attract leads rather than chase them.

Here’s the gist on how to do it their way: Position yourself on becoming a local expert and not just a typical agent; generate leads using both organic and paid advertising; and close leads into appointments with a predictable sales framework. And yes, you’re not just generating leads for your client, but you’d be teaching them how to close as well.

Now, is it worth the $7,600 price tag? A previous student of theirs in Tej Sidhu says nope on his Google review. Mentions that the leads are trash, same with the customer service that only responds by mail. “I spent hundreds of dollars, but no deals closed,” Tej reveals.

Then, there’s a gentleman named Yaman Abuibaid who also mentions their disappointment with the program, and how it “fell short of expectations.” In addition, he express his concerns on market saturation and how the program floods the market with “copycat businesses”.

Generate Agent Leads Review

You might be wondering why did I highlight the negatives here when the positives outnumber them. Am I being a hater? Of course not! I simply haven’t seen a praise that’s worth noting.

Like, they’re all buncha generic crap about how their customer support is fast and responsive [retaliation to those saying otherwise?], how their content is up-to-date yada yada. Not so much on actual results.

For a program that hooks their potential students with a money-back guarantee, it’s also concerning how majority, if not all, of the negative reviews shared dissatisfaction with Generate Agent Leads’ refund policies. Refund requests are being declined left and right, as if they don’t offer any at all! That’s what worth noting, IMHO.

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