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Weekly Profit Generator Review (Chuck Hughes)

Chuck Hughes

Weekly Profit Generator is marketed to be a program that can help you be a successful stock market trader by providing actual trading strategies from its founder Chuck Hughes, a professional stocks trader with six-figure income. “I’m getting 203% annual cash payouts using Chuck’s approach,” is one of the many testimonials that claims huge profit and eventually achieving financial freedom by subscribing to the program. Is there a truth behind the said testimonials? Read this Weekly Profit Generator Review to find out.

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Weekly Profit Generator is a program offered by Chuck Hughes under his Wealth Strategy Services that provides information on how to make profit out of stock dividends and options trading. According to him, it is not like any other stock and options trading programs since you will receive actual trading strategies instead of only training lessons. “People only pays attention to actual trades, not lessons,” Hughes argues.

The most important information within the program comes in the form of a weekly stock signal alert (4 alerts every week) wherein you will be notified of a trade Chuck certified as profitable. You are free to do whatever you want with the said information; it is either you invest according to Chuck’s recommendation or just ignore the alert. This is what Chuck claims in their program that is different from other stock market trading service: maintaining firm control over your own funds.

Aside from the weekly alerts, there are additional resources included depending on your program’s subscription tier. For Silver tier that costs $1,497 per year, you will gain access to the alerts service and the weekly profit generator formula course. On the other hand, Gold tier at $1,897 per year will give you access to the perks of Silver tier plus monthly profitable stocks signals and lucrative options picks, and access to the Overdrive profits course. Lastly, Platinum tier at $1,997 per year includes everything from Gold tier plus exclusive access to Chuck’s Private LRP Coaching Manual and two-year membership to the Profit Generator club.

Chuck Hughes

With over 30 years in trading experience and having 10 Options Trading Champion awards under his belt, it is easy to say that Chuck Hughes is a reputable stock and options trading expert. His extensive knowledge regarding stock market trading is also displayed on his YouTube channel where he provides free webinars on several trading strategies. If you have similar interest and portfolio in the stock market as Chuck’s and would like to use the alerts as an extra validation for your move in the market, then it might be worth it to avail his program. After all, it is still more affordable than other similar stock alert service such as Bauer’s Power Picks. Otherwise, check free resources first (ironically, resources like the free webinars of Chuck) before paying for a premium service.

Availing the program is also not recommended for beginners in stock market trading who will most likely follow the trading signals blindly to get the most out of their subscription. There is a reason the program does not automatically invest your funds according to their recommendation; it is because trade signals are meant to be for assistance in decision making only. Develop your trading style first and avoid sole reliance to trading signals before entering stock market trading. With the high financial risk involved in entering the stock market due primarily to its volatility, however, it is difficult to learn and develop the said trading style without incurring losses along the way. With that, you can look for more beginner friendly businesses first before investing a lot of time and effort in learning stock market trading.

To conclude, Chuck Hughes and his Weekly Profit Generator is a legitimate program that provides valuable information related to stock market trading. Achieving financial freedom through it can be possible but it is not as easy and not as guaranteed. Trade signals provided by the program are only meant to assist you in your trading decisions, but you still need to develop your own trading style to be a successful trader in the stock market. There are also more beginner friendly businesses that requires less effort than learning about stock market trading, so it is better to explore those options first.

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