The Golden Link Review (Oasis Affiliate Marketing)

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Andrew James went on from being a finance student to a digital entrepreneur. And based on his stories, he seems to be the guy that has tried it all when it comes to making money online. Unfortunately, he failed a lot of them, which seemed to bring him some doubt as to if it’s even possible to make money online. Everything only started to change when he stumbled upon high-ticket affiliate marketing. He has been in digital marketing for five years and since then, he’s been doing well. And today, he’s offering you to follow on his road to success. Read on for my The Golden Link review.

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Andrew James introduces the Golden Link business opportunity as part of his Oasis marketing platform. He calls it “The Golden Link” because it’s based on the concept of “referral marketing.” And you, as an affiliate, will serve as the “golden link” to connect customers to the products. It’s also built on the foundation of what Andrew calls the “3 levels of freedom” that you need to achieve in order to be truly successful, and happy, with your business.

The first freedom is what he calls Time Freedom. Here’s the thing. Your business is flourishing. You have many customers. Revenue is good. The question is, do you love what you’re doing? Do you still find time to do many of the things that you love? If your business is taking away all of your time, then you’re not truly successful. Remember. You can have a profitable business and still be miserable if it’s taking away all of your time that you can otherwise use to do the things you love. You need to control your work, instead of work controlling you.

The second freedom is Location Freedom. If you are stuck in the same office space for years, and years, it doesn’t sound like you have much freedom, does it? If you leave that office space, your work stops. And when work stops, then you won’t get any sales. If you can work from anywhere in the world, then there will be no disruption to your revenue generation. And the end goal of your business is to “automate” it, so that it works even with minimal supervision from you. But you have to set it up carefully. The automation tools that are available today, can only get you so far. There is still a lot of work that can’t be done by AI (artificial intelligence), which means that you will have to outsource that work and pay others to do it for you.

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The final, and most important, level that is the foundation of the Golden Link, is Financial Freedom. It’s basically a combination of the two levels previously mentioned. Basically, you can go wherever you want, whenever you want, and buy whatever you want. Isn’t that a feeling that we’re all striving for? Andrew James’ the Golden Link business claims that he can help you achieve all of it for you. As Andrew explains it, “Essentially, The Golden Link is the link in any industry that allows you to make the most amount of money with the least amount of effort.”

Andrew James offers a platform reserved for a thousand people (according to him) that goes by the name of Oasis. Over there you can get the chance to make money online, without even owning a product or service of your own. You also don’t have to worry about customer service because their staff members will handle all of that for you. Shipping and handling woes are also virtually nonexistent, since every product inside that platform is digital. Your only job is to pick one or more product offers inside the Oasis, and drive traffic (web visitors) to them using paid ads on Facebook.

“And again, it’s not get-rich-quick, it’s not push some buttons and you magically make money. However, the way it’s designed, it’s very beautiful, it’s a very leveraged, scalable model. It has very little overhead. You can take it with you and do it from anywhere in the world,” says Andrew James as he explains more about the business model. To join Andrew’s program, however, you have to schedule a call with his team first. The price of the program isn’t revealed anywhere, only during the call. Some say that it can cost over $5,000 to $10,000, however. Honestly, I feel like the program is still lacking in transparency. There’s little positive feedback and success stories with the system. Especially since affiliate marketing is a rather saturated industry right now.

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