GoodLife Institute Review (Kathleen Byars)

People often think that once you’ve reached the higher steps of the corporate ladder, you’re basically set for life. Financially, you probably are. But there are often a lot more fires that you need to put out when you reach the point where you’re either President or Vice President of [insert corporate jargon here] at your company. Even though you’ve reached a higher rank, you are still going to manage a lot more people. You’re still responding to the whims of the corporate board and the investors. Even though you have a seat at the table, there is still a lot of expectations set on you.

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Kathleen Byars knows that struggle of having a lot of work being thrust upon you even if you’re in a top spot of the corporate hierarchy. She worked her butt off to get to that in her life. A lot of people, especially women, know the struggle of having to prove yourself when a lot of people are already ahead of you in life. It’s hard when rich white males seemingly have all the opportunities offered to them on a silver platter. Other people have to work twice as hard just to get to that level of success they want to achieve.

Eventually, she reached the point that she was burnt out from all the work that she had to do. Kathleen just wanted to have some time for herself so she cast rest. In a strange twist of fate, she got exactly that but not in the way she wanted. She was ousted from her position in the company. With her experience, she could’ve gotten a job at another company. But the burn out she felt from her corporate experience was enough for her. She eventually sold most of what she had and moved to the Virgin Islands. Compared to her previously cushy job, her job in the Virgin Islands was to teach people how to scuba dive. The job was certainly easier, but the pay she was getting wasn’t really enough to cover the costs of living there. She went on to improve a lot of the services in the dive shop that she worked for.

A year later, she moved to Florida, married her husband and had a few kids. She had managed to live a life without spending too much money. But having kids to take care of meant that she had to go back to working corporate. It was with her family’s support that lead her to a realization that she could definitely have a life where she was doing great work and have an actual life outside of it. She would then write about her experience from previous years on LinkedIn. It was through the responses to that post that sort of planted the seeds to GoodLife Institute and Corporate Women Unleashed.

There isn’t really much else to the GoodLife Institute outside of Corporate Women Unleashed. Everything that the GoodLife Institute gravitates in is just Corporate Women Unleashed. The program is the middle of a Venn diagram between professional coaching and personal development. It’s great that there is a support system like that for women in the corporate world. It’s such an interesting subset of people though. There are enough women working who work in corporate who love what they’re doing that are also feeling burnt out from all of the work required in their jobs.

The weird thing I’ve noticed is that they don’t really tell you how much the Corporate Women Unleashed program costs. I could sort of understand that they keep the price private at first because this program is not for everyone. Still, there should be at least some transparency regarding those kinds of things. Maybe there are women who are interested in the program, but they aren’t that high up in the corporate chain. They should at least say how much the program costs so people know what they’re getting into.

Still, there is a free webinar that you can seemingly join so you can get a glimpse of what the program would be like. She also has a YouTube channel where she co-hosts a podcast that talks a bit about topics you may come across in the program. It’s great that’s there at least some content that she’s providing for free. It’s actually good that you provide samples of the work that you’re doing so that people will get interested in it.

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