Grace Method Review

Grace Method

Grace Method is the online training created by Grace Smith, a self-proclaimed world’s leading hypnotherapist. Not to be confused with Grace app and Grace Coaching, Grace Method is the option if you aim to be just like her— a hypnotherapist— rather than receiving hypnosis yourself. If transforming lives in a deep way while earning a living and setting your own schedule is your cuppa tea, then this is tailor-made for you… Holup, I feel like I’ve already heard this before!

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Right, it’s what another hypnotherapist in Marisa Peer promises her RTT trainees. Sorta. But their similarities don’t end there as Grace also claims expertise on lotta things… Things she has no business in claiming expertise at— weight loss, self-esteem, motivation, anxiety, memory enhancement, and more. She’s no licensed psychologist nor nutritionist, duh!

Like, she couldn’t call herself a hypnotherapist before either. In the FAQ section of Grace Method, it was written that certain states don’t allow an individual to call themselves therapist or any of its variations without being a licensed therapist. She isn’t one, so she launched her “hypnotherapy” biz in NYC as a hypnotist/hypnocoach, not as a hypnotherapist. That’s weird, plus it makes her marketing for Grace Method [on her students becoming hypnotherapist] misleading.

Worse, she’s like, no, don’t worry about it, it’s just a matter of title and marketing labels. She adds, “The truth is, the public doesn’t know or care about these distinctions so long as you’re well trained and good at what you do; they just want help and you’ll be able to help them.”

How the hell would you say someone is well-trained if they can’t do the bare minimum of meeting qualifications to get a proper title for the job? Make it make sense. Someone desperate for help is NOT an invitation for y’all to jump in and offer “help” that you’re not qualified to offer either. That’s predatory as f*ck.

Disappointed, but not surprised. This IDGAF attitude is something I’d expect from a gal who can’t keep things confidential. Mind you, this is coming from a person who previously reviewed Grace’s coaching positively. Thank goodness that she updated it.

In the updated review, she exposed how Grace revealed a client’s sensitive info including their name, company, and previous mental state without consent. Done that just to have something to talk about in her class. Disgusting, I know.

Before I continue the exposé, I’ll give you an overview on what to expect with Grace method first. Just like the usual online training, it comes with video lectures, workbooks, quizzes, live workshops, and reading requirements.

Besides topics related to hypnosis itself like hypnotic induction and dynamics of trance, the training also includes a business foundations mini-intensive that discuss marketing tips, where to find clients, and more. Says that it takes more than business cards and free sessions to get clients. Fair enough.

The price of Grace Method, you ask? Well, Grace Method costs a one-time payment of $6,500. Flexible payment plans such as $226 monthly payments are also available. Refunds are handled on a case-to-case basis, which reads to me as she can simply deny your refund request for whatever reason.

Grace Method Review

It just feels wrong for this to be so expensive knowing that 85% of Grace Method graduates are applying to work for Grace. It’s either becoming her minion or unemployment [hard to get clients as a no-name hypnotherapist]. Feels like a lose-lose situation.

Although, even if it’s viable career income-wise, I would still not recommend being a hypnotherapist [and Grace Method]. While practicing hypnosis as a hobby might be harmless, selling it to sick, desperate individuals as a cure to their illness could potentially endanger their lives. It’s just like functional medicine with all the untested methods.

You know what, Grace is just the younger, redhead version of Marisa. While she doesn’t threaten and silence critics like Marisa, Grace’s training is also short… heck, it might even end up shorter than Marisa’s! In her own words, you can complete the entire Grace method training as fast as four months. Four! One year if you take your time, which is still too short. Not extensive enough, IMHO.

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