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There are a lot of different personalities that I wasn’t really aware of prior to writing about their net worth. As somebody who isn’t as attuned to the culture at large, it’s sometimes hard to keep track of people who’ve gotten their fifteen minutes of fame. Especially when it comes to sports. I definitely don’t know much about any of the other athletes who have done well for themselves outside those that are often in the news. Even then, I don’t remember much about who they are and what they’re famous for.

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If you have ever been a fan of streetball in the early 2000s, you may have heard of the name The Professor. In case you weren’t aware of what streetball is, it’s basically just a form of basketball that’s played on the streets. Or just in a outdoor court. The rules in streetball isn’t as enforced as you would normally see in professional basketball. And that there’s a lot more room for flourishes among the players to show their individual styles and skillsets.

Grayson Boucher received his nickname when he was at school. In an interview he did with Bleacher Report in 2013, he pretty much acknowledged that how he looked during that inspired his classmates to refer to him as the Professor. I mean if you have seen photos of him, you would kind of assumed that he looked like a nerdy college professor. I mean, he doesn’t look as tall compared to other basketball players. 5’10” is still a pretty tall height. But compared to everybody else, he’s pretty much at the lower part of the scale. He was really discouraged a bit by his lack of stature and his program at becoming professional basketball players when he was in school. But that didn’t really stop him from working hard on himself.

It was when the footwear brand AND1 stopped in Portland, Oregon for their Mixtape Tour that started Grayson’s rise to streetball fame. He found out that there was an open tryout to become part of the touring team. He tried out for it and immediately got the spot. It was a relatively quick chain of events. It took him a few months on tour that he became popular among fans of the Mixtape Tour. He spent almost a decade touring with AND1 until he decided to leave in 2011 for another partnership with Ball Up. Though that didn’t seem to last long either.

Eventually, The Professor went on to create his own YouTube channel where he posts a lot of highlight reels of him playing streetball in different parts of the world. There’s some interviews here and there. But it’s roughly just of his best plays on the court. It was until he posted the first video for his Spider-Man Basketball series that the channel took off. At the time of writing, his channel has accumulated about a billion views and he has close to 7 million subscribers. You’d be amazed by how popular his videos are among basketball and streetball fans. He has pretty managed to play the game that is the YouTube algorithm.

It seems that his social media presence is the main thing that’s helped him reach a net worth of about $2,000,000. His YouTube channel racks up a decent amount of views even he doesn’t really posts regularly on it. He also has a streetwear brand called GlobalHooper. He also has an online course where he teaches you how to do a crossover. He’s fairly active on other social media platforms like Instagram. And he also recently made an appearance on a Netflix documentary called Untold: The Rise and Fall of AND1 and in the basketball movie Hustle.

There really isn’t much else to know about The Professor at this point. He still has a relatively good amount of fame. He’s fairly active on different platforms and he did all of that other stuff that I mentioned in the previous paragraph. It’s just so interesting to see people ride out their fame as long as they can. Streetball is still relatively popular in places other than the United States. People still play basketball outside. Though there aren’t really brands like AND1 anymore than produce tours like the one that made Grayson famous.

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