Reviewing Dean Graziosi’s Net Worth

There are just so many personalities that you see online that provide the motivation you may need in order to succeed. With so many of them posting videos on YouTube, you don’t really know who you should follow. A lot of these personalities use a lot of titles in their biographies. It makes sense why they’d do that. If you see someone that uses titles like “New York Times bestselling author,” “owner of many multi-million dollar business,” “host of the podcast,” you would think to yourself, “Oh, this person is legit.”

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In his bio, Dean Graziosi refers to himself as an entrepreneur, educator, bestselling author, and success coach. There isn’t much to know about his childhood except that he was born and raised in Marlboro, New York. And that he was the youngest of two siblings. His parents divorced when he was three years old. He spent most of his early life with his mother and grandmother then started living with his father.

There were a lot of challenges and successes during the latter part of his teen years. He was diagnosed with dyslexia while he was in school. He tried to find ways that he could do to support his family. Eventually, he started buying wrecked cars and fixing them up. That lead to him co-owning a collision shop with his dad. After that, he went on to sell real estate.

There isn’t much else to his life story after those tidbits I got from a website whose entire deal is to talk about Dean Graziosi’s life. Like a lot of these personalities, they had a realization to start sharing their knowledge and expertise with people and businesses. That seems to be how most of them earn a ton of money. When people see how successful you are, they will want to know how you did it.

Because they’re at that point where they’ve developed an entire persona around their hardships and success, it’s easier for them to sell it to people. In his website, they mention that Dean has helped more than hundreds of thousands of people find success in the products that they sell. He and his business partner Tony Robbins launched an online learning platform called Mastermind where you pay $47 a month to learn how to launch your own online course. If you thought there were so many motivational coaches then, well… this website seems to a pipeline for that.

A lot of people will find that a bit tiring. There’s another personality teaching you how to transform your life? You sometimes feel inundated with so many choices but you don’t really know which is the right one for you. It’s great that you have those choices to begin with. But it will sometimes feel overwhelming.

But that online learning platform proved to be successful. Dean Graziosi has an estimated net worth of around $50,000,000 partly because of it. What he’s doing seems to be working. Even though it might not be for everybody, there is still an audience for it. People seem to want to hear other people motivate them so that they can become successful. There are some familiar people who are part of the most recent even that he’s going to do.

Unsurprisingly, Dean also has a show on YouTube and even a podcast. A lot of motivational coaches seem to have either one or the other. Not a lot of people can fly down to whenever their event will be. So they likely thought that they can get a new audience by posting videos and podcast episodes on a regular basis. A lot of people find success in becoming content creators on YouTube or a host of a podcast. There’s also a lot of money that you could earn if your podcast or YouTube show gets an audience.

While I may not be the person that’s interested in the stuff that Dean talks about, even though it can apply to a lot of people, I can see why they find something worthwhile or meaningful from what they say. When you have a persuasive way of talking, you get a lot of attention. And it’s highly likely that the things that you say will have an impact on those people.

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