Green Compass Global Review (MLM Or Pyramid Scheme Scam?)

The health and wellness industry is often riddled with a lot of multi-level marketing companies. There’s just something about this particular industry that lends itself to these types of companies. Often that not, these companies usually promote products that do a specific thing, usually in the form of supplements. Some supplements supposedly increase brain function, while others help you be more active throughout the day. There are instances where these supplements work for the most part. And that becomes a selling point when their affiliates try to promote this product to you or anybody else. You’d think that the industry has enough of these companies. But you’d be wrong. There’s always going to be that next big thing that everyone is going to take a shot at.

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In the past few years since it became legal to sell recreational marijuana in certain parts of the United States, the use of CBD oil—an chemical extracted from the hemp plant that diluted in a neutral oil like the one made out of hemp seed—has gotten a lot of popularity. There is one form of CBD oil that’s approved for use as a drug to treat epilepsy, but you will need a prescription to buy it. Various states have different rules regarding its use. But most of the states that legalized cannabis and products derived from it allow it to be available.

The origin story of how Green Compass Global is kind of interesting. After having just given birth to her first child, co-founder Meredith Cook was experiencing post-partum depression. She just wanted to get back to feeling normal. So her brother Brooks suggested her to try CBD oil. He had been using CBD oil as part of his workout recovery regimen. She tried it and was feeling some of the benefits. She wanted to find the highest-quality oil that’s available. It was around the time that had recently passed the 2018 Farm Bill which removed hemp from list of controlled substance. It coincided with a lot of states decriminalizing marijuana, so there was an industry that was very ripe for the picking. They had friends who were growing hemp and had an extraction machine that’s made to extract oil from hemp. It was through that experience that Meredith and her husband Sterling decided to build a company in 2019.

It isn’t the first company that decided to use the products derived from hemp into making nutritional supplements or serums. Prime My Body had been making health and wellness products that’s derived from botanical plants and hemp. Compared to Prime My Body that mostly has nutritional supplements and serums, Green Compass Global has a lot more variety when it comes to its hemp-derived products. Aside from tinctures for humans and pets, they also have powdered drink mixes, pain relief creams, lip balm, face creams and even hand sanitizer. And all of them seem to have some kind of extract derived from hemp.

In order to become a member of Green Compass Global’s affiliate program, you have to pay at least $49.95 to become a member. That kit is mostly just a package that features training guides and a few product samples. The actual kits that feature a more robust set of products will cost you either $299.95 or $499.95.

Most multi-level marketing companies don’t really stray that far when it comes to its compensation plans. The thing you have to know is that you have to sell your product to other people. That’s how most businesses work. You get a commission when you generate a certain amount from the retail sales of the products you buy every month. The way you go up through the ranks in multi-level marketing schemes is by recruiting new members. That’s how most of them stay afloat. As long as there are people coming in and spending money on their products, business is going to continue.

I don’t recommend anyone to join any kind of multi-level marketing scheme. There’s just an innate risk to it that doesn’t seem worth it. You’re putting a lot of time, money and effort into a chance to earn more money. It’s possible that you just earn back the money you spend on the products you bought to sell. But a lot of people who join MLMs actually lose money from it. That doesn’t seem fair at all.

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