Greta Van Fleet Net Worth

Sometimes there’s just a band that suddenly becomes famous without you realizing it. So many artists and groups nowadays become famous through the help of social media. Before the internet was big, you kind of found out about an artist or band through word or mouth. Maybe you had a friend that saw a band perform at some gig downtown. They thought that maybe you’d like their sound. Your friend probably had another friend who told them about that band. Everybody’s just relaying stuff to one another. Radio also played a big part in getting people into new music.

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I sort of have an idea about who Greta Van Fleet is because they performed on Saturday Night Live in 2019. During that episode, they performed two songs, “You’re The One” and “Black Smoke Rising.” Their performances were okay. But it wasn’t really to the point where, after the episode ended, I wanted to listen to more of their music. I’ve had moments where I became a fan after they performed on the show. But for Greta Van Fleet? Not so much. I rewatched their performances while I was researching for this post. Gotta say. Still not my jam.

Most bands tend to have humble beginnings. In the case of Greta Van Fleet, it was in Frankenmuth, Michigan. It seems that the Kiszka brothers grew up listening to vinyl records. I feel like most musicians have that kind of backstory when it comes to how they became musicians. There probably have been instances where some musicians didn’t grow up in a household that listened to music all that often. But it’s probably just a few musicians.

Twin brothers Josh and Jake Kiska, their younger Sam Kiszka and Danny Wagner make up the band. The lineup actually started with Kyle Hauck as the drummer. It’s very hard to find a way to talk about why Kyle left the band. Apparently, based on what Greta Van Fleet’s former manager said in an interview, he had to leave mainly because of health issues. But it seems that he wasn’t that great to be with as they did a lot more shows together. It seems that he just kind of been a dick to them? Or he just didn’t want to play with them anymore but didn’t want to leave?

I still don’t know how exactly their popularity rose. It seemed that they were getting a few shows around Michigan. A local Chevy dealer in Detroit used their song “Standing On” in a commercial for the 2014 Equinox sometime in March. In June of that same year, their released their first live EP. But it doesn’t seem to be available online.

In January 2016, their song “Highway Tune” was used in an episode of the series “Shameless.” A year after that, they released the recorded version of it online. It seems that 2017 where they started reaching a wider audience. Along with the release of their debut EP, they were named Apple Music’s New Artist of the Week. In May of that year, they were the front act for the band The Struts.

In Novembrer 2017, they released their follow up EP “From the Fires.” Shortly after that release, they announced that they were recording the first studio album. I still don’t know how exactly they suddenly blew up. Apparently they performed with Elton John at his Oscars afterparty in 2018. A few months later, they made their debut on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

They basically started getting more known that year. And that makes sense. Having exposure through a late night talk show on broadcast television helps. They released their debut album “Anthem of the Peaceful Army” in October 2018. It was the top selling album that week and also charted at number three on the Billboard 200. That’s pretty much it regarding their start. At the point of writing this, the band has a net worth of $28,000,000.

The band is still pretty much active. They haven’t released any new music in 2022. But they did release their second album “The Battle at Garden’s Gate” in April 2021. It’s so weird how much can change in nine years. They went from a band that’ just known in their town to doing shows around the country.

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