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Full Grip Ecom

Full Grip Ecom asserts that they can grow your e-com portfolio using Etsy stores. You sit back, relax, and collect passive income while they set up, build, manage, and scale your store. Seems like it’s the typical Amazon FBA automation DFY offer, but for Etsy… We can never be so sure. For us to fully understand what’s going on here, let’s hear from Full Grip Ecom’s founder Anri Davids. Read on for my review.

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The moment Anri introduced himself and flashed his profile on the ‘Gram, I just knew he’s up to no good. His display photo is giving vibes of a NFT bro, and he really is one. Besides being a co-founder of a P2E community [‘member Axie?], he’s also the face of a NFT marketing agency.

He’s no longer active on those for over a year now. Of fucking course, he dipped once the NFT craze faded and the window for potential rug pulls closed. They do be like that, so quick to move on to chase the next big thing. In Anri’s case, the latter is e-commerce automation and Etsy.

But I dunno, I feel like the hype around both has already run its course. Lots are more aware now of the huge risk involved in financing such a venture. Oh, and the FTC are taking notice of it as well.

In theory, you can already feel that something isn’t quite right. Like, if getting six-figure profit a month is as easy as they claim, why don’t these automation companies just run their own stores instead? Initial investment shouldn’t be a problem since they can just start small and scale from there, no?

Lived experiences of many who ended up in six-figure credit card debts instead just confirms that majority of these companies, if not all, is just spitting BS. Simply put, a difficult business model and an incompetent automation company who knows no shit besides pretending they know shit is a recipe for disaster.

These e-commerce gurus know it all too well, and see the circumstance as an opportunity to twist the truth and make themselves look like a savior. They’ll have fake accounts tell horror stories about other companies only to not-so-sneakily advertise themselves and their offer in the end. Zero conscience, I’m telling ya’.

Now, onto Etsy. Anri claims that it’s less competitive and has better profit margins [says its 45%] than any other e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Walmart. And you know what, that’s simply bullshit.

Etsy started to get really saturated when the higher-ups decided that handmade and crafts are not their value proposition anymore. With not-so-small business owners coming in to flood the page with mass-produced junk and Etsy jacking up their fees, there’s hardly anything left for “normal” sellers. Profit margin? What even is that?

Dude really tried to pretend that he figured out “one very unsaturated market with insane growth potential“ and how he’s “changing lives and building wealth through e-com automation.” Nope. He just wants to make money out of selling Full Grip Ecom, y’all.

Speaking of which, here’s an overview of the program’s “waterproof” system: Find the winning products, list them, get them sold, make sure they’re shipped on time, and take care of customer service.

Full Grip Ecom Reviews

All you have to do is set up your Etsy seller account, sign the agreement, pay the management fee, and that’s it. Anri claims that he and his team will handle the rest of the business.

The price of Full Grip Ecom? Well, the management fee of Full Grip Ecom would cost $15,000. The profit split is fifty-fifty. Says there’s no need to spend any money on ads, which is odd since Etsy itself is forcing their sellers into ad programs they couldn’t opt out of. Also, no mention of how much the initial inventory would cost.

Obviously, I won’t recommend Full Grip Ecom or any of these DFY e-commerce automation offers. Save yourself from the headache and never get involved in something with so many bad actors around. Full Grip Ecom? More like full grift waiting to happen.

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