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Politics can be such a difficult place to work in. If you really think about it, the president, people in Congress and the Senate and even the people you elected in your local have other people that help them do their jobs. Any kind of politician has the same hours as everybody else. So they often need people to help them do the work that would help them govern better. While the president is the one who has the final say, everybody else in his staff are there to help make the right decisions based on a multitude of factors.

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Even now, the United States still faces the aftermath of the Donald Trump presidency. The former president is still doing his rallies, likely leading up to him running for office again in 2024. But everybody who has been in his immediate circle during his days in the White House have been getting subpoenaed left and right because of their possible connections to the insurrection on January 6th. A lot of staff members in his cabinet had slowly resigned the days following that even in American history.

Still, the people who had left him when they knew shit had hit the fan played some part in his administration. One of them is former press secretary Stephanie Grisham. In case you weren’t aware of her job, she basically handles a lot of the communication with members of the press. Most of the statements are relayed through her and the communications team. She knows exactly what goes on through all of the meetings she has with the president and the rest of his cabinet. And she will try to answer the press corps’ questions as best as she can.

There isn’t really much that you should about her personal life. She was born in Colorado. Her parents got divorced. Her mom remarried. Got divorced again. Then remarried. She and her mother moved to Washington. She graduated high school. She went to college but didn’t earn a degree.

Her initial career is very interesting. She worked as a spokesperson for the American Automobile Association in 2007. It didn’t really last long because she apparently was accused of falsifying expense reports. She was also fired from her job at an ad agency because she plagiarized material from the AAA—the AAA she previously worked at, I think?—into a client’s web page.

Most of her work in the political sphere has been as spokesperson for various politicians. The first was Arizona AG Tom Horne who she met when she was a spokesperson for the Arizona Charter Schools Association. Apparently she claimed that an execution of a convicted murderer went peacefully despite reports saying otherwise. Eventually she went on to work for the Republican caucus of the state legislature. In 2012, she worked for the presidential campaign of Republican candidate Mitt Romney. Somehow, the years prior to her working for a bunch of Republican politicians, she was registered as a Democrat.

In 2015, she started to work as a press aide to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. She was still employed by the Arizona House of Representatives when worked for the Trump campaign which seems kind of insane. But knowing her previous work, it feels like the norm. We kind of now what happened after that, right? She stayed as part of Trump administration for most of his presidency. She mainly worked as part of former First Lady Melania Trump’s first as her press secretary then as her chief of staff. Then when former presidential press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders resigned, she took over as both the presidential press secretary and White House communications director after Bill Shine resigned.

Her tenure as presidential press secretary and White House communications didn’t really last long. She resigned in 2020 and was replaced by Kayleigh McEnany. But she returned to being Melania Trump’s chief of staff up until the January 6th insurrection. Like I said, a lot of took the insurrection as the turning point even. Like the past four years didn’t give them any other reason to leave. Like a lot of other former members of Trump administration, Stephanie wrote a book about her time there. I guess with her work in the administration and her book deal helped her earn a net worth of $4,000,000.

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