GrowthDay Review (Brendon Burchard)

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Brendon Burchard believes that the key to a happy and successful quality of life is to devote more days to your personal growth. If you can achieve that, then you’ll face any kind of challenge full of positivity. It will feel like whatever the world throws anything at you, you will not have your worries because you’ll have a clear mind that will allow you to find the solution to that problem. No more burnt-out days or those days where you feel like you’re already drained of energy even before you start. Because you’re going to start your workdays full of that energy you need. Can GrowthDay help in this aspect? Check out my review of this program.

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“We all know that we need to be on our A-game. We all know that we need to commit to our personal development. Do the work. Set our mindset. Practice the routines. And yet, it’s so easy to have so many down days,” Brendon says as he goes over the GrowthDay program in a video ad. “It’s easy to lose momentum and lose track of ourselves when the world is so uncertain and there’s so much fear and vitriol out there.”

Indeed, while you already know your process and your plan to “win the day” today, many of us still fail to execute it due to several factors. “So we have to learn. And we have to be around a community that keeps us on our track to living our purpose and being our best selves, and that is why I started GrowthDay.”, Brendon continued as he explains the reason why he created GrowthDay. “I really believe we all want more of those days of growth, but to get them, we need better coaching, better tools, and better community.”

As you may have noticed, Brendon emphasizes that the success you can get from a self-development program comes from the quality of its personnel and the tools that they use. That’s why, with GrowthDay, Brendon claims he has brought together the best personal development teachers, trainers, and coaches around to assist you in becoming the best person you can ever be. To improve the quality and performance of your life. To change your habits so that they would eventually contribute to your improvement of well-being. and of course, to eventually reach your short-time and long-time goals in life.

GrowthDay comes in the form of a cloud-based app that contains the entire program. Once you’re inside, you’ll then be able to access a variety of productivity tools. Such as a digital full-feature journal, habit tracking, life scores (complete with recommendations in case you need some improvements), goal setting, project planning, and wellness challenges, complete with notifications. You’ll also be able to access their daily life assessments, which include recommendation notifications, and even daily motivational audios. Lastly, you’ll also get an online course about self-development, hosted by Berndon Burchard himself.

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GrowthDay comes in two versions, Starter & Pro. The GrowthDay Starter package contains the essentials that you need to get started in this program, namely, the tools and the online course. It costs $37.99 every year. The Pro package is more expensive, costing around $299.99, but has all the features of the Starter, plus even more. With Pro, you’ll also get live coaching from some of the best personal life coaches that Brendon has on his roster, which happens once per week. Additionally, you’ll also be given passes to several monthly development seminars that happen every month. You can also access some replays of the seminar in case you may have missed them. Finally, you’ll have access to a private online community.

It’s not really a bad training program, and since Brendon is a legitimate and well-known name in the life coaching industry, you can expect that this program would also offer the same high quality. However, I don’t think online Zoom calls and online seminars would be enough to really change and improve your life. Well, if you put your heart into it, then you really can change for the better. But ask yourself. Do you really need an online training program for this? I myself have watched several life coaching seminars with various teachers, without even paying for a single cent. And while some of them work for me, others didn’t. Overall, GrowthDay is a good training program, and it does what it needs to do. However, even a free life seminar can still be a good life-changer if you put your heart into it and listen (as well as apply) the life lessons being taught to you.

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