Grow Your Agency Review (Iman Gadzhi)

During the video pitching his beginner-friendly course, Iman Gadzhi mentions the phrase “arbitrage economy” a few times. I want to point out that I actually tried to search for the meaning of that phrase. The way he uses it didn’t seem like it was the correct way of using it. I did manage to find some videos explaining what the term arbitrage is. But when I searched for that exact phrase, most of what I got was videos about arbitrage and the video from Iman pitching the course. Talk about a full circle. Iman is no stranger to reviews on this website. We have talked extensively of his other courses like Agency Incubator and Copy Paste Agency. Now it’s time to talk about Grow Your Agency.

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Grow Your Agency is basically the hub for Iman Gadzhi’s educational enterprise. In the company’s mission statement, they actually said that they were “on a mission to reform the education system”. You may assume that that kind of statement seems kind of out there. I’m not one to disagree on you on this. It’s definitely an interesting way of framing what their company does. Though I sort of get why they would say that. Not a lot of people get to finish tertiary education due to a lot of different factors. But there are people who do want to learn but don’t have that much money to get back to school. Maybe the subjects that they’re teaching aren’t contextualized to the world we’re living in.

Most of the educational programs that Grow Your Agency hinges on building an SMMA or social media marketing agency. It makes sense that are people who creating programs that revolve around the internet. There are a lot of different ways for people to earn money online. And starting an SMMA seems like a good idea. Because there will always be businesses who want have some presence on social media but they don’t want to the work themselves. There are people whose entire job is handling all of those things for you. And that’s what SMMAs do.

The cost for the different programs vary on what the scale of your agency is currently at. The cheapest it seems is Agency Navigator, which starts at $1499. The video that Iman did talking about arbitrage economies was basically the pitch for Agency Navigator. In that same video, he mentions that the initial pricing of $1499 is a one-time fee. They plan to charge that same price for a year subscription for the same program eventually. So I guess that’s kind of a steal if you managed to pay for the one-time fee when it launched.

The program basically goes through the things that Iman talks about in the sales pitch in more detail. I appreciate that Iman discussed the steps before he started promoting the program. At least you learned something from that almost 40-minute video. If people didn’t get interested in the sales pitch, nobody would really spend almost $1500 for the entire program. For a lot of people, that kind of money is an investment. Even if the thing that they’re selling will help you earn that money back in a month or so, people have more immediate needs.

It’s kind of weird that you have to jump through multiple places in order to get to the program page for Agency Navigator. I had go to YouTube to search for the sales pitch video that I watched on the Grow Your Agency website. For context, I watched the sales pitch video on a page on the website when I clicked on the “Get Started” button on the homepage. There was no button that lead to the actual course page for Agency Navigator on the page that I was on. It was just the video and a handful of copy. There weren’t any links that showed up when I hit Ctrl+A on my keyboard.

Even if Iman says that you don’t need any initial investment in starting an SMMA, you still need to do the work of actually running an agency. You may not be doing the actual advertising. But you are hiring people to do the work. And you still have to pay so that they keep working for you. (Even though Iman suggested in the sale pitch that you hire freelancers from outer countries to do the work.) Still, you’re running a business. And you’re the ones who receive most of the brunt from the clients.

While there may be something to get out of the program, $1499 is still such a large investment. There have been testimonials from students that have earned more than $10,000 a month because of Grow Your Agency’s different programs. But success in any kind of field or business solely depends on how much you want to achieve it. You have to put in some effort into it, even if most of the work is being done by somebody else.

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