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People are often on the look out for health and wellness books. They have their own reasons for why they buy health and wellness books. Maybe they want to learn more about certain diets or foods. Somebody suggested it to them because the contents of the book helped them stay healthy. There will always be an audience for different kinds of books. It might not be helpful to you, but it might have helped someone else. Health and wellness books are no different. I guess that’s why the books authored by Dr. Steven Gundry have been successful.

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There isn’t much about Dr. Steven Gundry’s personal that is out there online. Most of the biographies about him starts after college. After graduating from Yale University in 1972, he went on to earn a medical doctorate at the Medical College of Michigan in 1977. He then went to begin his surgical residency at the University of Michigan. It was when he got invited to participate in a research program that his love for scientific research began. In his bio, he takes pride at having written a lot of research papers during his time at the university.

It was around 2001 when he met a patient who was suffering from heart disease. That patient at the time was deemed inoperable. But it was somehow through a change in diet that helped that patient. Dr. Gundry was able to give him a quadruple bypass surgery that kept that patient alive to this day. It was through that experience that put Dr. Gundry to the career path that he was in now. He left his position at Loma Linda University and started his own private practice.

Since then, he has research more about how American diets and about the food that they ate. He used all that research at his private practice. Shortly thereafter, he published a book on nutrition called “Dr. Gundry’s Diet Evolution.” He continued doing research work about nutrition and diets which lead to the first book of his Paradox series called “The Plant Paradox.” The diet based on that is premised on the fact that a certain protein found in a lot of food may or may not be as helpful as you think. Singer Kelly Clarkson has sung praises of the book in her weight loss journey. So much so that Dr. Gundry mentions it in his bio. That book is a New York Times bestseller and has spawned six other books in the series, some of which are cookbooks.

Unsurprisingly, Dr. Gundry launched his own company that sells nutritional supplements and other health and wellness products. It’s definitely not the first time someone in the medical field decided to launch a company that sells nutritional supplements. There’s somehow a lot of space for different companies to flourish in the health and wellness industry. Aside from nutritional supplements, Gundry MD also sells skin care products, most of Dr. Gundry’s books and even food items. The food items that Gundry MD sells fit in well with the Plant Paradox-related diet.

Another thing that’s somehow not surprising is that Dr. Gundry has a podcast. In it, he talks with his guests about health and nutritional. It’s like his books were turned into weekly hour-long segments. The podcast aptly named “The Dr. Gundry Podcast” has reached more than two hundred episodes. His podcast is sponsored by different companies. Some health-related, some not. With so many sponsors supporting his podcast, it’s no surprise that Dr. Gundry has amassed a net worth of at least $4,000,000.

With so many different ventures, it’s no wonder that Dr. Gundry has become successful in his current path. While we shouldn’t take all of his health advice as gospel, it’s good to have some additional information that we can consider in our health choices. I still do recommend talking to other health professionals, especially nutritionists, if you are curious about something.

A lot people will try to find alternative sources for health and nutrition-related information. I feel like there isn’t often a disdain for conventional information. Especially in the age where a lot of information, vetted or otherwise, are available to everyone through the information. I still think that some of the information could be helpful, but it takes a large amount of research to come to a conclusion.

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