Next Level Real Estate Investing Review (Dustin Hahn)

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Dustin Hahn, in his video advertisement, tells you that he knows a way to find real estate deals that are priced between 40% to 90% below market value. And he claims that he can do all of that in just 5 steps, thanks to his Next Level Real Estate method. The good thing about this, he says, is that we can learn this method as well. Furthermore, once you’ve gotten better at this, you’ll be able to close one to two deals a month and make money as a real estate investor, even when the real estate market is kind of bad (like in today’s conditions).

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Dustin then gives a brief overview of how he’s able to make constant real estate deals once you clicked on his advertisement and signed up for his free “training.” He says that five steps are all you need to emulate his real estate success. The first step is to find a list of motivated real estate sellers. Dustin says that homeowners who have not paid their property taxes can be good candidates. These can be found on a tax lien list, which is a list of individuals or businesses whose property can be legally claimed by the government once they’re not able to pay for the necessary taxes (a tax lien).

The second step requires you to select a real estate list providing service. Bandit signs, the MLS, Zillow, and Craigslist are bad choices because they’re all saturated, as Dustin claims, so he suggests using PropStream. The third step is to download the tax lien list. The fourth step is doing what they call a “real estate skip tracing”. This is necessary since the seller, or even the original owner of the property, is more likely in a different location now and you may have trouble meeting them in person. This is so you can get hold of their contact information so you can schedule a meet-up. Dustin recommends REI Skip for this purpose.

The final step is to essentially contact them once you got hold of the details. Depending on the scale of the deals you’re going to make, you may need special software to send your offers to multiple sellers. Using these steps, Dustin claims that he’s able to secure five to ten real estate deals per month, under his Ohio-based real estate company, 6 Day Cash Buyers. He even shows some examples of houses he bought for well under market value during the free training video. He usually keeps them and places them for lease or rent to make some passive income out of them, but for some of his real estate investments, he either wholesales them, or flips them.

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This essentially forms the blueprint of Dustin’s real estate strategy. He says that you can earn approximately $10,000 to $70,000 on real estate deals just by using this method. And it depends on whether you want to wholesale the deal or simply flip it. Furthermore, he’s able to do all these steps right inside the comfort of his home, only in front of his laptop. As demonstrated in the training video, he sends his intention to buy to 150 prospects. Out of those prospects, 25 replied to his message in a positive manner. And 13 of them wanted a cash offer. It may seem small, but after taking note that he’s able to do this despite a looming recession and a global pandemic, it’s rather impressive.

The key here is that you need to find a good method to consistently get deeply discounted deals each month so you can build wealth in real estate. Dustin claims he’s got you covered through his Next Level Real Estate Investing program. His coaching program covers several topics, such as how to find great deals before your competition does, how to negotiate a deal so you can buy them for as much as 90% below market value, how to pick up properties for less than $1,000, and how to hire virtual assistants to do all these work for you.

Dustin doesn’t mention anywhere how much his training program costs, only telling it to you when you book a call. However, he suggests having a budget of around $5,000 to $15,000 for this. Which is, honestly, just too high of a cost for a business strategy like this. Real estate investing by itself is already extraordinarily expensive (despite all the discounted deals you can get here, if any). And if you’re going to wholesale or even fix the properties that you acquired from these deals, prepare for a long wait since, despite what Dustin says, the current pandemic situation has a rather intense impact on the industry. To be fair, Dustin Hahn himself isn’t a scammer, so you be going to have any issues with him. But you may be better off building your own digital real estate and making money off of it instead.

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