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Investor Machine

Investor Machine’s CEO Mike Hambright shares how he teaches others to achieve financial and lifestyle freedom through real estate investing. So, besides being a real estate investor, he’s also a coach who shares his passion and experience via podcasts on FlipNerd dot com, coaching mastermind on Investor Fuel, and DFY lead generation program on, guess what, Investor Machine. Learn more about what Investor Machine has to offer in my review down below.

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But first, lemme tell you this. Hambright might be his surname, but Mike isn’t so bright. Or maybe he’s just a ham doing silly things to attract some attention. He got my attention alright, but I ain’t doing this sh*t if I were him. What it is, it’s him messing up a phrase by missing a letter.

Now, you might wonder why am I being harsh on a dude with just a typo. Well, I have two reasons. One, him not being able to proofread a brief description that everyone would see first in his LinkedIn account is just a disgusting lack of attention to details.

Two, it’s just ironic how he’s flexing AI and machine learning, then in the same paragraph, messes up a simple phrase. Like, okay, I know that the word had is correct spelling-wise, but obviously, it doesn’t fit the context like the word hard would. “Had to get” is oddly phrased too, so believing it’s a careless mistake is a hill I’m willing to die on.

Anyhow, that’s how Investor Machine’s offer is also advertised on their website. How it’s a data driven, cutting edge, DFY lead generation system that uses unrivaled data, AI, and machine learning to identify motivated sellers in your market. All the buzz words for what they claim as America’s number one lead generator.

They have two goals. First, they help you do more profitable deals  by telling exactly who to market to, how frequently, and then using those recommendations on doing the lead gen work on your behalf. Second, they want to make your life easier. No need to break a sweat on getting ‘em leads because, again, they’ll do it all for you (in exchange of breaking the bank probably).

Meanwhile, here’s how they’re able to come up with leads. Step one, they start with a national list, and narrow it down to county. They call it broad data since it contains “super general” info that doesn’t tell you anything about the lead’s motivation.

Step two is utilizing an army of nearly a hundred data miners to capture data from forty different lists like eviction notice, debt collections, and insurance claim. This serves as a distress indicator. As much as possible, you want distressed leads who are more than willing to part with their properties for quick cash. Usually means a better deal for ya.

Steps three and four is doing list stacking, and ranking leads. How they do list stacking is they both feed the broad data and the distress indicators on their machine that gives a score and a shelf life to each data point entered. Means taking into consideration that data differs in importance and validity. Then, they’ll add the score up to get a ranking of the most motivated lead.

Finally, steps five and six are completing a buybox, and DFY marketing. Completing the buybox would narrow the list further like filtering the type of properties you want to do business with. On the other hand, DFY marketing involves Investor Machine doing direct mail or skip tracing for your marketing needs.

Investor Machine Reviews

“Let’s be honest…all leads are not equal,” someone (I assume it’s Mike himself) wrote on the site, “Our propriataty [had a stroke reading this BTW] ‘machine’, systems and processes provides a more robust lead generation solution than you’ve likely ever seen before…” My guy, it’s proprietary.

Don’t get me wrong, I do agree with them saying that all leads are not equal. Some are motivated ones, but then, there are complete junks that are not really interested in ya biz. It’s either they hang up, don’t respond completely (outdated or wrong info, maybe), or actually do respond but very angrily since they don’t want you to get in touch with them.

Mike also has a point on saying that consistent high quality lead generation is the lifeblood of a business. Especially in real estate, you can’t get ‘em deals if you can’t find buyers and sellers in the first place. I just don’t see his Investor Machine (presumably cost around $1k a month) as something that can provide that consistent high quality lead generation. And there’s not enough social proof outside their website to say otherwise.

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