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Hamza Invests

Besides generating passive income, Hamza Invests is also described as something about placing capital in smart, automated flex space investments. Flex space what? Don’t worry, this is also all Greek to me at first. Felt the same when they claim that their Flex Space Untapped offer is not an online course, but a coaching mastermind. Bit confusing, I know, which is why I’ll try to shed some light about it in my review below.

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Founded by Hamza Ali, Hamza Invests is a commercial real estate business that specializes in flex space development. In which the term flex space refers to properties that offer both commercial space and warehouse facilities. From the guide provided by Hamza Invests themselves, it’s also described as a “building that combines the needs of multiple or single businesses all under one roof.”

So, that’s what it is, huh? Of course, we still need to know the full context. As implied by the word development, Hamza Invests build their own spaces from scratch… developing empty lots into bustlin’ flex spaces. In other words, they don’t usually buy pre-existing flex spaces, they make them.

To them, this is one of the most exciting real estate investments right now. Lots of untapped opportunities available for you… But wait, isn’t erecting (pause) a building from the ground up will cost you six, seven figures? It sure is, but Hamza Invests has the solution to make this more accessible to everyone.

Enter their “Invest with Me” offer. Here, you can chip in $25k or more across different flex space investment opportunities under Hamza Invests’ portfolio. This is like Fundrise, but for flex space, and also without the overwhelming amount of reviews saying that they’re dishonest and fraud.

The entry cost is still a bit steep, I know, but it’s significantly less compared to doing everything yourself. It’s also really giving passive income (they mention around 15%-20% yearly returns) unless Hamza Invests somehow turned out to be as sh*tty as Fundrise where it’ll become passive losses instead.

Regardless, you still have to essentially let ‘em keep your money hostage for at least five to seven years. God forbid there’s no emergency that’ll require you that money during that long ass period. Personally, I’ll advise you not to take the gamble unless you’re swimming in cash (e.g. not needing locked out investment money for unforeseen circumstances).

Besides the “Invest with Me” offer, they also have Flex Space Untapped for their online course, er, coaching mastermind. Here, they educate beginners and real estate pros alike on how they become flex space developers themselves… just like Hamza Invests’ founder, Hamza Ali. 

Specifically, become the flex space developers that can acquire, develop, and sell your own development. Through online video modules, weekly group coaching calls, and access to a Discord community, you’ll learn how to find the best land for Flex, how to get the right loan type, how to plan out the development of the space, and how to rent and ultimately sell for massive ROI (plus how to rinse and repeat this process).

In short, you’ll learn how to do flex space developments the Hamza Ali way. What’s his strategy on asset selection, planning (maximizing leasable square footage, designing an aesthetically pleasing space that’ll rent fast), financing (when to ask for OPM, leverage bank relationship) , vendors, and marketing (creating hype).

Hamza Invests Reviews

You’ll learn everything not only through video training, but also with hands-on coaching (calls, one-on-one support). Hence, their emphasis on Flex Space Untapped being a coaching mastermind rather than an online course. Although, I dunno man, I think they’re just being pedantic.

Anyhow, you have to schedule a call to find out whether Flex Space Untapped is a good fit for you. No mention of price anywhere on their Hamza Invests’ website. Presumably, this coaching mastermind of Hamza Invests  will cost you around $10k or more. Pricey just like any other real estate programs with coaching calls.

In summary, I think Hamza Invests is not a scam. I see no violent reactions online that’ll say otherwise. Similarly, I see no solid feedback outside their control that Hamza Invests is the real deal (unless you count a handful of shallow reviews on Google). I think t’is not enough social proof for an eight year old company which is why I won’t be recommending them. Better be safe than sorry.

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