Low-Hanging System Review (Rachel Rofe)

Rachel Rofe

Rachel Rofe, founder of Low-Hanging System, starts her ad by showing a pile of twenty grand in front of her. She gives her viewers two choices. First choice is she’ll give the money directly to you. This is followed immediately by a somewhat out of place Thug life music. Just like keeping up with the Kardashians, but Rachel keeping up with the Gen Z, I guess. The second choice, which Rachel assumes you’ll choose, is she’ll share the exact method she used that you can replicate to have that money and more. Knowing what biz she has to offer, I’ll seriously just take the first option and never look back. Read my reasons why I don’t recommend her method below.

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“If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.”

Chinese Philosopher Lao Tzu

This is the famous quote that’s probably behind Rachel’s ad and why she thinks that all will choose the latter option. Unfortunately, that didn’t work for me since I somehow know that her “methods of fishing” aka her business model will not feed me any at all. It’s more likely that she’ll just sell me some junk “fishing gears” aka her course and call it a day, IYKWIM.

She didn’t even mention the exact biz in the ad right away, only some subtle hints like “people are shopping online like crazy.” If you guessed that this is something about eCommerce, then you’re right. Good job for filling in the blanks because Rachel apparently can’t. Well, I guess she’s trying her damn best to make her biz sounds more exciting than what it really is. She probably knows that a lot is tired of hearing the same ‘ol eCommerce biz like dropshipping.

It’s not your usual dropshipping course, though. It’s actually a print-on-demand biz on either Amazon, Ebay, or Etsy. You know, the companies integrated in GearBubble, the print on demand service provider chosen and discussed by Rachel in her course. Oh, it’s a company owned by her husband Don Wilson, so she’ll choose it as expected.

Let me give you why this is sort of a red flag for me. Something along the lines of “don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” If Rachel could pull a famous, almost cliché, saying on her ad, then I don’t see any problems doing it myself. Something about pulling an Uno reverse card on her, really. Take that, Rachel!

But seriously, you wouldn’t want to be stuck on a single supplier controlling every aspect of your business. Most especially not be lopsidedly dependent with a two seemingly separate entity but acting as one in Rachel and Don. Trust me, they can tag team to f*ck you up for their own gains just because they can.

I mean, this is already manifested before in Rachel’s unreasonable price increase. She didn’t add any significant changes in her course, so I don’t think the steep increase is warranted. From $300 price to $2,000 and now to $4,000. You only have a year of free access to Don’s GearBubble too and once that’s up, you’ll be at the whim of someone who can just charge exorbitant price because, again, they can.

Worst, Don can just say “YOLO” and close his GearBubble service altogether. I know that you can choose another print on demand service provider, but you’ll still be wasting thousands of mullahs here since Rachel’s course includes tutorials that is specific to GearBubble.

Low-Hanging Systems Review

Possibility of being taken advantage aside, there are also other reasons why I don’t recommend Rachel’s Low-Hanging System. First is her obvious exaggeration of the profit in print on demand biz. She’s using $19.95 price as a benchmark to get the $7 profit per mug. However, you can easily see that a printed mug starts at $9.95 with average price of $12.95.

Another reason is the market of print of demand biz being competitive af. Unless you already established your brand and have a decent following (like a YouTuber or any social media influencer with decent numbers) before entering this biz, I don’t think you’ll get any sales at all without the expensive marketing campaigns and ads.

Finally, I don’t like how this biz can be unethical just to make it accessible to those with little to no artistic chops. It’s from Rachel herself, she said that you can plagiarize someone’s work by copying 95% of it while adding your “personal” touch in the remaining %. It’s not stealing when you don’t copy the entire thing according to her. Such is a very scummy thing to say and do.

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