The Happy Company Review (MLM or Pyramid Scheme Scam?)

Having trouble losing weight? Low energy output? State of depression? Pale/wrinkled skin? Hangover? Sleepless nights? Happy Company has it all from dietary supplements, energy boosters, antidepressants, skin care products, hangover and sleep patches, name everything you want and they will happily be at your service. Their products have been widely used, especially their flagship product, Happy Coffee (Elevate), which apparently can give you a boost in energy and at the same time help you lose weight.

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Elepreneur was founded in 2016 by Robert Oblon. Bo Short replaced Oblon in 2020 as CEO when the company accused him of “gross financial misconduct”. Since then, they had the power to rebrand the company just like they did in February 2021. “The Happy Co. is not just a name, it is the best descriptor of our mission. It directly mirrors our values and purpose of sharing happiness through products and experiences that elevate lives,” said by Bo Short. Short was then replaced by Garrett McGarth later that same year with reasons being unknown.

They believe that the true joy in joining Happy Company is that their affiliates (called Brand Partners) will have the ability to recall happiness and the importance of family and community in their lives, while earning a living of course. That’s what all MLM companies promise, time flexibility during work, financial independence and having to spend more quality time with your loved ones which I’m already sick of hearing because losing money has a higher probability than earning it in setups like this. 

But if you still insist on joining with the chance of being the minority of being successful in this type of business, then I’ll walk you through. The basic membership plan costs $49 and there are two optional package plans for you to choose from, Happier Pack that costs $349 and Happiest Pack that costs $549. Retail commissions are from 10% to 20% depending on the products purchased. The Customer Acquisition Bonus is an earned bonus of up to $100 based on the number of retail customers that you acquire.

Then there’s a recruitment commission that you can possibly earn that depends on the starter pack your newly recruited partner purchased. You earn $75 when they purchase the Happier Pack, and $150 if it’s the Happiest Pack. They have a total of 13 ranks in Happy Co, and each rank has a commission cap. There are 4 tiers that the 13 ranks are split into and you get a coded bonus that corresponds to the tier your current rank is assigned.

Their residual commission is based on a unilevel structure. The higher your rank is and the more people you recruit into your unilevel downline, the more bonuses and commissions are up for grabs. They also have a leadership bonus for high ranking brand partners and diamond and ambassador pool which is exclusive for Diamond and Ambassador rank partners where they can get a share of the global output sales of the company.

A mix of good and bad reviews about happy coffee and this will be your concern since this is their flagship product, hence this must be THAT one product that you will be promoting most along with their other products. Some say they’ve already tried a bunch of weight loss coffee in the past that didn’t work, but with happy coffee, they sustain energy especially in the morning, they no longer feel the tiny cravings and they’re able to focus on work.

On the other hand, they say that the taste was awful. If the taste was awful, what more with the aftertaste? It makes me wanna puke just imagining how it will leave a taste in our mouth. And they did not experience any change from drinking it. Well, if it’s just how it tastes, I think everyone has their own preference, and happy coffee just didn’t suit it for this guy. But then again, just take each review with a grain of salt.

Overall, The Happy Company is not a scam. They have legit products for you to sell and earn commissions from, additionally, you can also earn by recruiting new affiliates. I still don’t recommend joining such a company since like what I’ve said earlier, they can promise all they want, but the probability of failure in this kind of setup is higher than the probability of success and this claim has already been proven by the FTC.

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