Harvest Wealth Academy Review (Jordon Richard)

Jordon Richard

Jordon Richard— yes, it’s really Jordon and not Jordan— is the founder of Harvest Wealth Academy. Got no As in his first name, but has lots of it in his transcript as he graduated with highest honors. When it comes to college education, he passed with flying colors, but how about his course? Is it up to standard or nah? Find out in my Harvest Wealth Academy review below.

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To see what’s up with Harvest Wealth Academy, let’s check out the pitch for it. T’is the video where Jordon apparently reveals how he’s able to retire at age thirty three without buying real estate or using his 401k. Gotta say I’m ready to be whelmed ‘cause I know this has something to do with options trading.

“What I’m going to share with you today, you have likely never seen before,” Jordon boldly claims to get the ball rolling. I’m skeptical already, but hey, dude at least mention that what he’ll say is only for those who’s open to learning something new. Just gotta be open-minded and everything will be fine, right? Riiight? Riiight….

Sarcasm aside, what he explains next is his dislike for plans that rely on hope. He believes that good plans require taking concrete action. These action steps should be something that you can control and measure. Oh, and also, they should be adaptable, so you can adjust on the fly whenever “stuff” happens.

Having financial freedom with corporate jobs, good-paying like his previous one or not, relies too much on hope. Maybe you’ll have it after saving more money, maybe you won’t. You’re not really sure on what outcome you’ll get and obviously, Jordon wants none of that. Not when he’s about to have his firstborn. He wants more time for his fam, for his worship duties, and he wants to get it now.

Which is why he came up with a new plan. One that’s better than traditional paths like working nine to five until you’re sixty five. What is it, it’s actually building a business. Easier said than done, but he understands the time and effort a typical biz usually requires. In his own words, most require blood, sweat, tears, and your firstborn child. “I figured I was going to like my firstborn child,” he jokingly adds.

To cut a long story short, the biz is all about trading options trading [told ya]. What’s different is you’ll really treat it like a proper biz, not some form of gambling addiction or YOLO Wall Street bet. First thing, you should only take high probability trades with just the right amount of Gs. Stack the odds in your favor– know your numbers, manage the risks, and increase income.

Then, you gotta follow a proven process. No need to reinvent the wheel, just copy what’s already working. There would still be losing trades, dude didn’t hide this ugly reality and even showed one of his big Ls. But with a proven process, the promise is you’ll make more with your winners that’ll keep you in the green overall. The process is something you’ll apparently find in his Harvest Wealth Academy course that costs $3,995.

Harvest Wealth Academy Review

Finally, you gotta remember that less is more. Being a productive trader doesn’t mean keeping your eyes glued to the screen, watching charts, and making trades all day long. Follow the 80/20 rule, and  stick to only doing what produces most of the results. Essentially, focus on what matters in your biz, so you’ll have more time on doing what matters in your life. End of story, er, pitch.

This is something I have already seen before contrary to what Jordon claims. Also, he didn’t reveal anything other than the encouragement to book a strategy call to know more. Other than these, he keeps it grounded. He’s honest about how options trading isn’t always sunshine and rainbows unlike others who’s maintaining a facade of not losing a trade ever just because they have AIs and sh*t. FYI, no bots can perfectly predict a market this chaotic.

That being said, I don’t think Jordon has a proven process and he has no social proof to tell me otherwise. Besides, if that exists, it’ll remain a secret as long as it’s still printing money for the ones who knew it. That, or maybe he’s actually aware that no process is that foolproof, so rather than putting his to the test, he’s selling it as a trading secret instead. I respect the hustle, but I gotta give his course an F for f*ck this, I’m out.

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