HB Naturals Review (MLM Or Pyramid Scheme Scam?)

There a lot of multi-level marketing companies out there. You can find a lot of them in the health and wellness industry. Products will differ in each of them. Sometimes you will find a few that sell very similar products. You might see companies like Anovite that sell products with colostrum in them. Other times, they might be selling products with CBD oil in them like Prime My Body and Green Compass. There’s just a lot of space for these types of companies to exist. Sometimes it can get tiring because of the amount. But you have to power through it.

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HB Naturals was founded by Paula Scarcella, Ben Scarcella and Alexandria Brighton in 2017. When you scroll down the company’s website, you will find that the copyright and trademarks for HB Naturals—the HB stands for Heart & Body—belong to Green Organics, LLC. Green Organics also owns goDesana, another multi-level marketing company. It’s kind of weird that the three of them started a new company that’s the same as the old one. goDesana’s website is still active, for the most part. But it doesn’t seem like they’re active in any of the social media sites that they linked to. The goDesana Instagram account basically became Paula’s personal account.

I still don’t get why they decided to make a new company that sells tinctures, essential oils and powdered juice mixes when the old company sold the same thing. That just seems super redundant. But knowing that both of these companies doesn’t to be active anymore. It seems like they probably just stopped operating fairly recently. The problem when you’re operating in a very competitive industry is that it’s hard to sell a product that’s different from the competition. HB Naturals has products with CBD oil, so does Prime My Body and Green Compass. HB Naturals has personal care products, so does BeautyCounter. There are a lot things that HB Natural has that overlaps with a lot of the other multi-level marketing companies.

The main thing that HB Naturals had going for itself was that their affiliate program was free. All the other affiliate programs had either a one-time fee or a subscription-based membership fee. HB Naturals just lets you sign up for their affiliate program without having to pay upfront. That’s really the only thing that’s different about them. HB Naturals still operate with a very familiar compensation plan that every other MLM company uses. It’s rare for any type of multi-level marketing company to not have a uni-level or binary level compensation structure. It’s just in the nature of MLMs to have one or both of those structures.

Like a bunch of those companies, you earn commission from selling the products to the retail customers through your own dedicated online storefront. A lot of MLMs have been using online storefronts nowadays because people tend to buy stuff online. Even if you don’t buy through that specific storefront, you will still have to mention the affiliate member who brough you to the generic version of HB Naturals’ online shop.

Success in any kind of multi-level marketing scheme solely depends on you. A lot multi-level marketing companies acknowledge that not everyone earns from being part of this kind of scheme. Sometimes it might be the fault of the individual. But the way that multi-level marketing schemes are designed, there is always a disadvantage to the people who are new to it. Sometimes you won’t be qualified for commissions because of your rank, even though you’ve sold all of the products.

It’s always difficult to work under somebody else’s rules. It makes sense if you’re just doing a corporate or retail job because that’s what your job entails. You get paid to do that work specifically. It doesn’t really apply to multi-level marketing schemes because you paid, in most MLMs, to be there.

A lot of people who join MLMs lose money from being part of it. According to research done by the AARP, it’s 47%. Another 27% just earn back the money they put into it. Being part of any multi-level marketing scheme will have a strain on your relationships with other people. Because, more often than not, it’s your friend and family who you’ll go to first if you want to sell your products. Not everyone will be down for that. A lot of people actually leave because of what happened to their relationships.

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