Health Coach Institute Cost, Concerns

Health Coach Institute

Health Coach Institute proudly displays the Continuing Coach Education (CCE) as the accreditation of their “Become a Health Coach” program. Seems like there’s no problem until you see the way they display the accreditation’s catch – the disclaimer that comes along with the asterisk. It’s the opposite, the finest print of ‘em all, as expected. What are they hiding in the fine print, then? Find out in my Health Coach Institute review below.

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Without wasting any more time, I’ll get straight to the point and reveal what’s written in the fine print posted on their site. So, here it is: “Accrediting organization is not recognized by the US Department of Education. The Idaho State Board of Education does not recognize accreditation organizations that are not recognized by and in good standing with the US Department of Education.”

Simply put, CCE accreditation, along with AADP in their “Become a Nutrition Coach” program, is nothing but fluff. It’s like them wearing some replica gold chains. Looks good and all, but the value of it isn’t remotely close to real gold with the karats. Ask the pawnshops for a deal using the said counterfeit and they would (respectfully) tell you to f*ck off. 

In health and fitness coaching terms, you must not pay attention to the likes of CCE to determine the legitimacy of the program. Not when those fancy schmancy labels are probably something that you can easily pay off to get (with submission of some documents for formality’s sake). Instead, look at those recognized by the state like NCCA-accredited certifications.

For this CCE shenanigans alone, I’ll personally won’t take part in any of the Health Coach Institute programs. If I’m already going to break the bank for health and fitness coaching programs such as this, I’ll rather pick one with the gold standard approval. Something that’s vouched by the nation’s most respected thinkers and practitioners in the said industry. 

If you’re willing to skip past this important deet (or you still want to know more), then let me give you an overview of the Health Coach Institute. Founded by Stacey Morgenstern and Carey Peters, Health Coach Institute provides education for individuals who want to become a health and/or nutrition coach. But they’re more than just an education, or so they say, as they’ll also provide a community of like-minded peers and staff that’ll support you all throughout your journey. Didn’t get the need to flex what is usual for every coaching program ever, but whatever.

As mentioned earlier, their core programs in “Become a Health Coach” and “Become a Nutrition Coach” are not backed up with credible accreditation. However, kudos to them as they recently added one with some. I’m referring to their twice-a-year coaching intensive Pathway program that’s approved by NBHWC and also built around the said approval body’s core competencies. But as NBHWC warns, just because they approved one, that does not mean all the other trainings are approved as well.

Health Coach Institute Cost, Concerns

The latter warning is important since you, the reader of this review, is probably here for the core programs. Again, those are not approved by NBHWC or any credible approval bodies. Sure, you might gloss over that fact initially, but you might not like how it’ll hurt your wallets in the long run. I’m thinking that the Institute would rather have you attend the core programs first before getting into their Pathway program. That’s not ideal as the cost of Health Coach Institute’s “Become a Health Coach” and “Become a Nutrition Coach” programs are $6,950 and $4,700 respectively. Too pricey especially if you add the $5,995 payment for the Pathway program.

Now you know better, I’ll suggest once again that you just start with programs accredited by legit approval bodies. I’m not stopping you if you want to become a health and/or nutrition coach and create your own coaching program, just choose a better institution to learn from. Y’know, something not notorious for shamelessly spamming emails and calls too (unlike the Health Coach Institute).

I also say this because coaching programs without legit certs usually turn out to be bad. Just like the unethical crap by Marisa Peer in RTT that also included a lot of (quack) certs except the ones that really matter. Above all, I get the same (unethical) vibes in the Health Coach Institute upon seeing reviews unironically flexing their health coaching practice despite not finishing the program yet. Are you willing to make your clients some kind of a guinea pig of yours (probably without their consent) for the sake of earning money? I hope not.

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