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The Perfect Client Pipeline Review (Healthpreneur)


Healthpreneur’s Yuri Elkaim sees that getting leads is the biggest challenge for entrepreneurs, especially those in the coaching space. They settle on doing manual prospecting which is not ideal. Not that bad, but also not good. In generating leads, what you want is something predictable, something better than sending gazillion DMs a day, and manual prospecting ain’t it. Which is why he has a workshop that’ll reveal how to create the perfect client pipeline instead. More info below.

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Lemme spill a little background about Healthpreneur first. Founded by success mentor Yuri Elkaim, Healthpreneur claims to be the leading coaching company for health and fitness professionals. In particular, those who want to build their own online coaching program. So, essentially, they’re coaches of coaches in the body wellness space just like Fitness CEO’s Tanner Chidester. Name checks out too, yeah.

Their mission? Besides transforming the lives of billions [Mission: Impossible typa sh*t, y’all no Ethan Hunt], they also want to help health professionals develop the marketing and business skills necessary for a thriving online coaching biz. Skills needed to generate leads, essentially.

Teaching how to create the perfect client pipeline is one way Healthpreneur tries to accomplish their rather ambitious goal. With this method, not only you’ll generate leads consistently on autopilot [well, almost everything in autopilot, they clarified], but it’ll also be the right leads. Which means you’ll only be attracting qualified and perfect clients, not the tire kickers, the dabblers, nor the ones who’ll cuss you out for simply telling ‘em wazzup.

No need for you to be on the ‘gram, to do podcasts left and right like Yuri if you don’t want to, and to have a YouTube channel. Not that it’s bad to build an online presence, you just don’t want to rely on it as a way to get leads. Issa huge time sink, a forever commitment if you don’t wanna fade in the social media limelight.

Unless you enjoy lurking in social media 24/7, there are better ways to spend your time other than this. Remember, you’re a health professional and a coach first, not an influencer. With less time off the net, you could be more productive and do the things that you’re supposedly great at— coaching and serving your clients.

Or maybe, you can spend time with your fam, attend Super Bowl LVII to watch Rih Rih slay in the halftime show as well as see how the Eagles choke in the biggest stage [karma’s a b*tch, that’s what y’all get from talking sh*t to my Niners], or chill in Cancun [like the Eagles, pfft]. Pretty much anything besides doing social media stuff.

What it takes to do exactly that is a predictable machine that’s working on your behalf… Something like the perfect client pipeline. You only have to accomplish one component to a successful biz which is to deliver amazing results as a coach, and let the pipeline handle the rest… Let it attract qualified leads for you, and convert those leads into paying clients.

The pipeline involves setting up a Facebook ad campaign, a high-converting webinar, and the sales call. For Facebook ads, you only have to create them once, manage them maybe one, two hours a week, and that’s it. Same with the webinar, all you have to do is record an evergreen webinar one time [unless it tanks], and it’s all gucci.

Finally, you can either take the sales call yourself or hire others to do it for ya. But from the looks of it, it seems like they’re highly encouraging health professionals to do it themselves. Talking to people is really exciting, they say matter-of-factly as if introverts and call-anxious peeps didn’t exist.

The Perfect Client Pipeline Review

But hey, I guess playing problem solver in these so-called accelerator calls is Yuri’s personal kink. Like, who am I to kink shame? Kidding aside, learning how to create this perfect client pipeline means signing up for Healthpreneur’s Health Business Accelerator that presumably costs around $10k.

Too pricey for learning marketing skills comparable to Rudy Mawer [he’s a previous student of theirs, yes]. But yeah, besides the exorbitant price and introvert erasure, the main reason why I really don’t find this worth it is Healthpreneur’s recommendations of using Facebook ads.

Not only does the IOS privacy update kinda ruin it, running Facebook ads is also costly. Issa race for the richest only, and you gotta need a sizable budget for them to push your content to your desired audience. And then, you gotta guess whether your people are still in there as it’s not necessarily the most preferred social media platform anymore. So, anything with Facebook ads including this Healthpreneur’s offer issa big NO for me.

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