Healy Review (MLM Or Pyramid Scheme Scam?)

Wearables have been a very helpful tool to have when it comes to health and wellness. People wear fitness bands to keep track of their steps or how far and how long they’ve run. If we’re talking about big brands, the Apple Watch has been adding a lot of helpful features that tie into fitness and health tracking. It can detect when you fall down and helps call for emergency. It also measures blood oxygen levels that, while not really meant for medical use, helps inform us a bit on how we’re doing. Health and technology have been closely tied together for years now. It has been easier to make devices meant to track our health. So it’s not really that much of a surprise when I found out that there’s a multi-level marketing company that’s out there making a wearable device.

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Healy World is the brain child of one Marcus Schmieke. The company was founded in 2019. Marcus Schmieke didn’t really have any background with previous multi-level marketing companies. He studied physics and philosophy in college and both of those degrees sort of informed his entire career. It was because of his studies that he became interested in how science and consciousness interacted with each other. I guess sometimes it’s just vibes? Because of that, he developed the foundation of informational field technology. The underpinnings of it I don’t fully understand. It’s really, really complicated. Eventually, he developed this machine called the TimeWaver that harnesses frequencies in a therapeutic sense. It’s really just about vibes.

Since the TimeWaver is really bulky and needs to be used in a certain setting, Marcus Schmieke with the help of a few experts developed the Healy, a wearable device that sort of functions in the same way as the TimeWaver. Healy also uses some of the same underpinnings by using frequencies in order to fix your bioenergetic fields. Compared to a lot of other health and wellness MLMs, Healy has a lot of more terms that aren’t really that easy to understand. Even though the Healy is classified as a wearable device, it doesn’t seem like it’s the nicest looking wearable? The term used for this product seems to be TENS or a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation device which sends out a low voltage current to help relieve chronic or acute pain.

The cheapest version of Healy that you can buy will cost you around $500. A slightly similar device that’s available on the market with cost around a tenth of the price. Aside from the main device, there are also multiple upgrades you can choose for whatever thing you’re worried about. Some of the upgrade programs it has are sleep, job, learning, fitness and chakras. Somehow low voltage currents can help you sleep better, I guess? I’m really, really skeptical that this has actual benefits aside from relieving pain. The cost for each program group isn’t cheap either. It costs a monthly fee of at least $15 for some of them. If you want to get all of the programs without having to pay for a subscription. There’s a bundle featuring the device and a bunch of those programs costing at least $2,500. That’s a lot of money to put into a device very complicated to wear.

Like with most health and wellness MLMs, you will have to pay a certain fee to become an affiliate member. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to include any information regarding the pricing for it. It’s kind of weird that they didn’t disclose any of that. Aside from that, you will have to buy a Healy device if you want to potentially earn income. The process of being qualified to earn commissions is pretty much the same as the other MLMs. You have to recruit people and reach a certain product quota in order to qualify. You get a percentage if your affiliates buy one of the package bundles. The more expensive the package, the larger your commission percentage is.

Compared to a lot of the other health and wellness MLMs like Zallevo or APLGO, the thing that Healy is selling is pretty expensive. A $500 device and then multiple subscriptions to make their app have slightly more features will really set you back. There are cheaper TENS units out there that don’t rely on a subscription in order to be slightly more useable. I can’t imagine selling a device with that kind of price tag would entice them to buy it.

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