“An American Hedge Fund” Review (Tim Sykes)

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Timothy Sykes is a well-known name in the stock market trading industry. So much, so that if you’re just starting out in day trading, it’s probably one of the names that can come up when you ask the question, “From whom should I learn?” Every time you see him in his YouTube ads, you immediately notice his outrageous personality, constantly showing off his expensive lifestyle. But he also points out that you can have a lifestyle similar if you study. But we all know that trading stocks can be very risky, so would it be different if you did follow through with his program?

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In his latest YouTube advertisement, he starts by holding up two bundles of dollar bills, one for each of his hands, and says this, “What’s up? Tim Sykes, millionaire mentor and trader, here with $10,000. A lot of you think you need $10,000 to get started in the stock market. That’s nonsense! That’s ridiculous! You don’t need that much to really make it in the stock market.” He then shows you a link on video with which you can click in case you’re already hooked on his offer (which I doubt.)

He continues, “Click the link below, get this free book that I wrote teaching exactly how I have made several million dollars in the stock market and several of my students have now made several million dollars. My top student started with just $1,500 of his own money; he’s now made over $6 million dollars. Nothing is guaranteed without education. So get educated. I don’t care if you know nothing about the stock market. I teach beginners. I love this.”

He then explains to the audience how he became very successful despite not having a mentor or teacher. While he did succeed, it did take him far longer than it should be. But Tim says you don’t have to go all through that. Because he wants a better experience for you. He aims to reduce your learning curve, and condense what took him two decades of trial and error to figure out, into one easy-to-read book. Having doubts about this? Well, can’t blame ya. Even Tim’s very first millionaire student was a hater of him at first. But after he took action by clicking on the ad and reading his book, that student of his is now part of the Two Comma club.

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Tim also says that he’s constantly looking for more dedicated students. And he’s not particularly picky about the ones he wants to teach, either. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you live, or what’s your background. It doesn’t even matter if you don’t have any experience in stocks trading. All he requires is that you’re teachable, and that you do your due diligence in order to make his training work for you. His training usually focuses on getting the most profits out of your penny stocks. It’s not just about hot stock picks, either. It’s about understanding and adhering to time-tested strategies.

What strategies, you ask? First, according to Tim, reduce your losses immediately. Second, trade the right stock. And third, making small profits is fine and dandy. Tim’s average income is only $ 2,000. But a thousand here, two thousand there, a loss of a hundred dollars, a gain of four thousand dollars, and you’re still good, Tim notes. If you want to know more about how this is done, he then encourages you to click on the link included and download a copy of his ebook, An American Hedge Fund. “It’s a bestselling book that I normally charge, ya know, quite a bit of money for,” Tim says, as the YouTube ad comes to a close. The ebook is totally free.

Personally, I think Tim Sykes is a great guy. I mean, he has the gall to call out and publicly criticize various businesses and known celebrities, since they’re known for promoting “pump and dump” schemes. That kind of calling out is rather commendable. However, I honestly don’t think that, by trading penny stocks and so, you’ll be as rich as him or otherwise. I mean, it’s still known to be volatile, and most of the time, the small gains that you can earn from penny stock trading won’t even be enough to sustain the extravagant lifestyle that he has. It’s a high probability that the life Timothy Sykes showcases on his Instagram was paid for by book sales, courses, and mentoring, and not through stock trading. Besides, the ebook may be free, but it’s pretty sure that he’s going to offer a lot more expensive course or program once you downloaded it.

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