Done With You Wealth Review (Kyle Henris)

Kyle Henris

Kyle Henris mentions not wanting to splurge on the fancy stuff. Instead of being flashy like getting a g wagon and luxurious office space, he prefers the simple experiences, travel, and eating out some good food with the fam. Most importantly, he’s all about spending his fortune, over $250k now, on personal development. And as expected from a mentor like him, he encourages others to do the same investment as well. This is his way to suggest investing with his Done With You Wealth program. Review starts below.

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Let’s start with discussing who’s Kyle first. He claims to be a former financial planner with CFP certification and a current hedge fund manager. For those not familiar with CFP, it’s just the global standard of excellence when it comes to financial planning. As I’ve mentioned in my Health Coach Institute review before, not all certifications are created equal. You must do your due diligence, or at least read reviews like mine, to learn how to filter the noise aka disregard the certifications that anyone can easily pay to get. The ones that usually only matter are those recognized by the state. It happens that CFP certification is one of those that matters.

Good for Kyle, eh? Not so fast. My skeptic ass would like to have a word first. I’ve done some digging and found out that the LLC that pops up on the CFP database under the entry “Mr. Kyle Henris” is different from what he displayed as his hedge fund’s LLC. Instead of Henris Elite Options Fund Limited Partnership, the one listed is Henris Wealth Partners LLC. 

I know that having multiple LLCs is quite normal and I have no issues with that. The detail that really sparked my curiosity regarding Kyle’s LLCs are the different addresses listed on each. I’m up for the drama and serving some scalding hot tea like revealing that Kyle is just impersonating some other guy with the same name, but sad to say, it’s not on today’s menu. Seeing the address matched his info posted on his Facebook account, it seems like Kyle, the one I’m reviewing right now, is really a certified financial planner for quite a while.

Don’t underestimate my power to find something fishy, though. Under the LLC he opted to not display in his free training webinar, I’ve seen a record at FederalPay dot org of a Coronavirus-related PPP loan amounting to $8,792. I know we all experienced hardships due to the deadly ‘rona, but it’s not like someone in the investment advice industry, I’m referring to Kyle, would be hit so hard to ever need a loan. Not when he claims that he had $100k plus trading weeks himself and $30k a month earnings. Is he bullsh*tting with his income claims like the usual gurus? I’ll leave you to draw your own conclusion, but this is head scratching stuff fosho.

Moving on from the surprisingly lengthy discussion about Kyle, let’s talk about his Done With You Wealth program. The name doesn’t really imply it, but it’s all about options trading. The main strategy that he’ll teach here is his so-called wave trading. According to him, it’s simple, it has less “outside factor” risk (not affected by the current news nor the type of market),  it requires little time and starting capital to do, and it can net you some substantial profit.

Done With You Wealth Review

As you’re likely a starting trader, you don’t have the means and power like big companies, the bigger money, to influence the stock market prices. However, you can take advantage of that fact by riding the wave and knowing when to get in and get out. Apparently, Kyle knows the deets on the “when” part and more.

You’ll learn this from the core training (video modules), discussions on the private Discord server, and one-on-one coaching. The price of Done With You Wealth? The basic plan to get Kyle’s Done With You Wealth service, excluding the one-on-one coaching, costs $49 a month. For one-on-one coaching, you need to pay more (my estimate would be around upwards of thousand bucks).

With everything mentioned, I’m not recommending the Done With You Wealth program. It’s not only because of (high risk) options trading as it is, though. It’s also because the summary of trades (Profit and Loss, for example) that Kyle is showing is either a screenshot that can be easily photoshopped or worse, from Thinkorswim’s Paper Money, a trading simulator that doesn’t involve real money as the name implies. Won’t give any cent to someone like him that presents something from Paper Money as “legit” real money trades, they’re f*cking not. This is a possible fraudster preying on newbie traders, so stay tf away.

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