Rank And Rent Club Review (Herc Magnus)

Herc Magnus

Herc Magnus mentions that he’s able to recently register a domain and build it with the help of AI. Help is an understatement ‘cause AI apparently did everything for him besides designing the website. Keyword research, page optimization, even schema and content creation— those are covered with little to no human interaction involved. 48 days later, a keyword is already on page one. “Wanna learn? Better join Rank and Rent Club,” he teased. Should you, really? My two cents below.

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First off, I personally don’t f*ck with AIs. My moral compass tells me not to contribute any further to the longstanding problem regarding Google Search. Its quality has already been deteriorating for years, and making websites only filled with AI vomit would make it even worse.

While I’m aware that not all AI tools are created equal, I still see the act of promoting AI use in the guise of convenience and saving money as a bad idea. Inevitably, it just leads to lotta peeps cutting corners even further and choosing the cheapest yet sh*ttiest tools.

The end result? Buncha useless articles made by no one, er, AI writer for no one, er, another AI bot checking ‘em SEO for Google. In its current state, it should only be used as a tool to supplement your writing, not replace it entirely.

Oh, and BTW, the said use of sh*tty ass tools for content creation is already happening. Like, I saw a girl on Twitter mentioning how she just wanted to know the ideal hair length for waxing. Instead, some AI BS had to hijack her search results and show her nonsense like “HAXTY GRRON” and “Wasuing”. C’mon now.

Most importantly, most of what AI regurgitates are straight-up unethically sourced. A poster boy for “the end justifies the means” crowd only for the “means” to be stealing unimaginable amount of content from non-consenting creators. Worse than British museums stealing and hoarding ‘em artifacts, I fear.

For the sake of a complete review, let’s look beyond this AI BS and see what Rank And Rent Club has to offer. At its core, Rank and Rent Club is a digital real estate, rank and rent lead generation course.

“What we do Rank and Rent dot Club is we actually build websites and give them a lot of value by ranking them really high on Google,“ Herc explains, “And then, we rent them out to business owners.” According to him, it’s pretty much the same exact thing as traditional real estate, only done with cheap websites rather than expensive houses.

So, the process goes like this: Build a tiny $50 website, rank them high on Google [page one or bust], and eventually rent it for profit. Learn allat, earn a recurring online income. As simple as that… or is it, really?

Maybe not ‘cause dude also has to resort with some Private Blog Network [PBNs] bullsh*t. I’ve mentioned this already before, but it’s a black hat technique that could get you in trouble if you get caught red-handed. Just don’t do it, I guess?

Anyways, here are the topics discussed within the course’s core training: Finding your ideal niche, building your website using WordPress, using tools such as DialHawk to track leads, building backlinks and incorporating PBNs, managing your Google My Business profile, renting your site, and scaling your operations. Discussion on how to do almost everything listed here with AI are also included, of course.

Rank And Rent Club Review

As usual, signing up for Rank and Rent Club would give you access to a private community forum. Pay more than the regular price, and you’ll also get the set of software recommended by Herc throughout the training.

With that said, the regular price of Rank and Rent club is $497 for three months, $597 for six months, and $697 for twelve months. With software included, the cost of Rank and Rent club balloons to $1,047 for three months, $1,397 for six months, and $1,747 for twelve months. These offers only come with a 7-day refund policy.

If it wasn’t clear enough, the use of AI on everything is already a deal breaker for me. I ain’t a big fan of PBNs and how tied the training to Herc’s recommended tools as well. Oh, and the lack of reasonable refund policy too, I don’t like it either. Safe to say that this is NOT my typa course!

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