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The 2 Day Workshop Review (Tiffany & Josh High)

Tiffany & Josh High

Tiffany & Josh High has been flipping and wholesaling real estate properties since ‘15. They’re apparently doing well as they’re close to hitting over $4 mil in revenue at some point last year. From the looks of it, not only did they have extensive experience, but also an impressive track record [excluding the $104k net loss in their first year]. And guess what, they’re willing to share their real estate secrets with you in The 2 Day Workshop. Review below.

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In a sales pitch, Tiffany starts the selling by claiming that they’re operators, and not gurus. Means they’re active real estate investors, and not just full-time educators without recent real estate experience. Appreciate the clarification, although it’s kinda sad how there’s a need to say this at all.

Like, damn, issa shame how the coaching space is full of “fake it ‘til you make it” guys [and gals] who only make money from selling courses. Charging for your expertise is fine. The problem lies in pretenders charging expert fees when they have no expertise at all. All they know is overpromise and underdeliver.

The point is, Tiffany claims that they’re none of that. Unlike the Conkey’s, however, the couple don’t post much about their own investments. The majority of it, if not all, are about their workshops, conferences, and coaching life. Not enough social proof to be very convincing, although I can’t say that they’re cappin’ either.

Anyways, she mentions how they’ll help you, a real estate investor, get results. I mean, they’re focused on getting it themselves, she claims. Regardless, here’s how: They’ll help you recruit the right people, onboard and train them properly, manage them with KPIs, and turn them into leaders that you can reliably rely on no matter what.

She continues, “With the right systems and the right team, you can build a wildly successful business even in a recession.” Personally, I won’t call anything that has to do with traditional real estate recession-proof, not even by a bit. Gotta remind her that they’re mentors, not magicians. No abra cadabra, no hocus focus, nada.

Besides teaching how to recruit, onboard, and train the right people, they’ll also reveal their entire process on how to dispo. Where to find the buyers, how to develop your VIP list, what’s the best exit strategy, that kinda stuff.

Oh, and I almost forgot, they’ll also try to systemize your inbound and outbound marketing. Again, you’ll learn by seeing how the couple does it themselves. You’ll see all their marketing channels, why they use them, and how they’re able to get the most deals out of it. The how-tos of lead management is also included.

And just like the name implies, they’ll teach what I listed above— yes, all of them apparently — in just two days! Forget about them considering your unique situation, I don’t think there’s enough time for that. Just a heads-up for some of y’all who might need more than a simple reveal-a-trade-secret training.

With that said, what’s the price of getting the couple’s process— and probably, only that— in The 2 Day Workshop, then? Presumably, The 2 Day Workshop would cost you around $2k or more. That’s excluding the transpo expenses to haul yo ass in their Ohio office where the event would take place. And yeah, AFAIK, the workshop is only an on-site event without any online counterpart.

It’s a bit pricey especially for those who are just starting out, yuh. But since the couple mentions that the workshop is not for beginners, I guess the price is somewhat fair enough. Just don’t expect any handholding here whatsoever. If you indeed need it, then this workshop is not for you.

The 2 Day Workshop Review

It’s not bad, but it’s not the best either. Not really because of Tiffany and Josh themselves, but because of the business model. I’m not a fan of wholesaling, and for good reasons. For instance, issa nightmare for those who are not thick-skinned enough to handle rejections.

There’ll be lots of no’s before you can get a yes here. Expect some F bombs too as lots of disinterested peeps had enough of these phone calls. Not necessarily your fault, but getting cussed out regardless of reasons still hella stings.

And yeah, this also implies that getting motivated sellers is difficult here. Now, imagine how it’ll be harder to pair that seller and their property to a willing buyer. Essentially, income with wholesaling is not guaranteed. Which is not good at all because bills won’t stop coming regardless. No offense, but I’d rather do something else.

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