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HighStrike Trading Review (Ben Zogby)

Ben Zogby

Ben Zogby, CEO and founder of HighStrike Trading, is not the million dolla guy that he is now three years ago. Instead, he’s stuck at an engineering job being miserable. It’s not really about the income, but more on him not liking the engineering industry and life-draining corporate life. Fast forward to now, not only he’s able to do what he loves, he’s also getting some serious cash with his business.

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That one asset that made him escape the grind of a salaried employee in an industry that he apparently dislikes so much? Well, well, well! It’s none other than his trading skills, obviously. Kindly note that it’s the obvious thing that he’ll say. Not that I agree. I really don’t, especially when he speaks out about what’s on my mind. Like a fish getting caught in its mouth, it’s him who also highlighted the income he gets from selling courses….

So, yeah, that’s essentially what’s on my mind— thinking that the chunk of his riches is from selling courses rather than from actual trading. I mean, he should already be doing great on the money front if he claims to have started a trading course after being a successful trader himself. But nope. Him selling a course at a very young age of 23 no less while still having a full-time job that he absolutely despises says otherwise.

To be fair, selling a course for a living is not necessarily bad. Some are even unapologetically proud of earning money as a course peddler like Danielle Leslie. However, given the context, I’ll be wary of him just like I’ll be wary of anyone else that sells trading courses. If they’re THAT good of a trader like they claim, why don’t they focus on trading? Why is Ben not yet a rich mofo before he started selling a course? Just think about it.

Some may argue that the likes of Ben are just leveraging their trading skills, so they can add another income stream for themselves. A valid argument if the trading guru is not about revealing a “top secret” advice for a price or they’re still actively trading. In this case, Ben is retired from being a trading instructor of HighStrike Trading and possibly not doing anymore trades himself. 

Good for him that he’s able to move on to managing his company, the one that got a much more stable income from selling courses than trading. Like, hey, I’ll personally pick the less stressful way to earn money rather than gamble my way with trading stocks and crypto. But as a consumer, him focusing on anything rather than actual trading is a concern. Makes the leverage argument I mentioned earlier invalid and also a testament that he’s bullsh*tting with what he and the other trading gurus always claim to sell their stuff— that trading is the best way to make money.

HighStrike Trading Review

I’m not inclined to recommend any form of stock trading alright. Call me boring, IDGAF, but I want none of this high-adrenaline space where it is said that eighty percent of participants lose money. But if I can’t stop you from doing such, then you better do it right. Start with free courses first; only learn from mentors that are still actively trading; don’t rely on the trading signals of others and make the trading call yourself; and as much as possible, limit your course spending to a thousand bucks max. Most importantly, better get your trading education from licensed financial advisors unlike the instructors from HighStrike Trading.

Anyhow, here’s what you’ll get upon purchasing HighStrike Trading for the curious. Aside from the usual video training, you’ll also get live calls and trading signals from instructors that’s not legally allowed to give financial advice. To add, you’ll be given access to their private community hosted via Discord, although they’re close to moving everything on their own app and website

The price of HighStrike Trading? Well, HighStrike Trading cost $99 a month. Not pricey, yet still overpriced. My reason why I say so is quite simple. That is, you can easily get a video training similar to what is included here for free. Hell, why pay or worse, follow the trading signals here that’s not, technically speaking, financial advice? Is wasting money one of your nasty kinks? Whaddya say?

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